Please Help: Time is Running Out For Little Michael Gonzalez

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Help Save Little Michael Gonzalez


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Time is running out for little Michael who suffers from an extreme food allergy.


Little Michael Gonzalez, the son of a Florida State fire firefighter, can only consume a special medical formula. Anything else will lead to severe vomiting, diarrhea, neurological setbacks, and eventually death.  His only food source – Neocate Jr. unflavored – may have been altered or cross-contaminated at the manufacture.

Imagine only being able to drink formula or thinking  that ice is a treat.  Well, that’s Little Michael’s life.

3 year old Michael suffers from Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). FPIES is an extreme food allergy. Doctors are calling it the worst case of FPIES they have seen, because all other foods make Michael ill.

Some children outgrow FPIES by age three — Michael has not. This toddler has tried over 40 different foods and all have failed.

There is no cure for FPIES.  And, now his only food source is causing Michael allergic reaction(s).

The sole company that produces Michael’s only food source started using rice starch-based products at the manufacturing plant. (Neocate Nutra) All formula produced after this change is causing Michael to undergo severe allergic reactions. His parents are trying to stockpile the old formula before it runs out.

“These old label cans he can have, they expire October 22, 2013, when they expire so will he,” says Jennifer Gonzalez, Michaels’ Mom. “We have until October, his birthday is in October, he can’t die when he’s four.”

By sharing Michael’s story and creating greater awareness you can help his parents who are in need of assistance in covering the costs of further testing for Little Michael and the new cans of formula – to determine what’s causing the allergic reactions.  Costs that are not covered by the current Florida state workers’ insurance.

Please help before it’s too late.

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