Perez V. UTD – 3rd District Court of Appeals Denied Hearing Union’s Appeal in Favor of Plaintiff

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Geno Perez

October 31, 2012

The press information listed below is based on The United Teachers of Dade (UTD) internal 2010 election fraud case. Candidate Geno Perez filed a lawsuit almost three years ago claiming election fraud.

The suit seeks to find out why has the UTD kept the full results of the election from its members?

Since the last internal electronic elections, UTD had been ordered to redo three elections based on some of the same Allegations by PERC.


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Perez V. UTD

Case No.  10-24454CA21

Miami, Florida

The Miami-Dade teacher’s union (UTD) election fraud cover up is at the brink of mass exposure implicating UTD President Karen Aronowitz for election violations including fraud and fiduciary duty.

After almost three years of concealing the (2101) internal election results and massive delay tactics, the union leader Karen Aronowitz suffered an enormous blow at the hand of the 3rd District Court of Appeals last week wherein, the court denied hearing the unions appeal.  It now appears as if the real election results are forthcoming and the Plaintiff, High School teacher Geno Perez along with other candidates for UTD office will finally get to see the vastly contested results. Geno Perez was a candidate for president in the contested 2010 union elections and recently a candidate for State Representative in the Miami District 115.

On October 16, 2012, the Third District Court of Appeals denied the union leaders request for appeal after the lower court ordered the union to release the results to Perez. The decision came three months after a State Judge denied UTD’s motions to prevent Perez from reviewing the election results from the February 25, 2010 election wherein, Perez claimed a long list of election violations, including the absence of a third party election monitor. Perez asserts the electronic software voting system was operated at the UTD office by union employees who work for the incumbent Aworonwitz who also had the password to the software program.  UTD used union members Social Security numbers and employee Identification numbers as log on information after being advised against it. Many of the election violations have been substantiated; as numerous union members have signed affidavits indicating their school report do not match the union results.  According to the results released by the union, Perez was only 40 votes from a runoff election.

It has been stated by the UTD that the union has spent over $200,000 of union member’s money in their attempt to withhold the results of the election from the members.  Perez has maintained from the very beginning that the results should be made available to all union members as it states in the election rules, bylaws, and constitution.  “If she won then she should rub the real results in my face and at the same time save the members the money. A union is supposed to fight for member’s rights and fairness; this is a lack of respect for a democratic process. How is it possible to have an election and not show the candidates and membership the results? “


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