One Parent’s Open Letter to Florida Senators regarding the “Parent Trigger” bill aka the ‘Corporate Trigger’ – VOTE NO !

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March 5, 2012

By: gatorbonbc

Dear Florida Senator,

I am a registered voter. I hope you will consider this information before you vote on the Senate parent empowerment (aka parent trigger) bill.

Did you know that in Florida, of the the 2.6 million students in Florida public schools. only 137,000 students are enrolled in the state’s charter schools? Yet, charter schools make up half of the failing schools in Florida. Yes, it is true. Research of last year’s school grades, as posted on the DOE website, indicates that of the 31 failing schools in Florida, 15 were charter schools (See complete list below).

In fact, in my county, the only failing school is a charter school. The same is true of many counties in Florida, including the very large Broward county. How can a bill that is supposed to empower parents really be a help, when it is pushing parents to an alternative (charter schools) with such a poor record of effectiveness?

I am 100% against funneling taxpayer dollars to failing, for profit, out of area, corporate charter school companies. We need to invest in public schools not privatize public education. This bill is not reform, it is replacement. Please vote NO on Sb1718, parent trigger.

WE parents say NO !!

Thank you for considering my opinion in this important decision.

Research: Floridians know that of the 31 failing schools in Florida, 15 are charter schools. Here is the list:

Sweetwater Branch Academy Elementary- CHARTER

Imagine School at West Melbourne- CHARTER
Imagine Charter/ N. Lauderdale- CHARTER
Imagine at N. Lauderdale Middle School- CHARTER
Charter School of Excellence at Riverland- CHARTER
Broward Community Charter Middle- CHARTER

Lenora Braynon Smith Elementrary- Public
Lawrence Academy Elementary Charter School- CHARTER
Comstock Elementary- CONTROLLED CHOICE
Florida International Elementary Academy- CHARTER
Kelsey L. Pharr Elemntary- CONTROLLED CHOICE

Brentwood Elementary- Public
Highlands Elementary- Public
John Love Elementary- Public
KIPP Impact Middle- CHARTER
West Jacksonville Elementary- Public

AA Dixon Charter School of Excellence- CHARTER
Central Hamilton Elementary- Public

Riverhills Elementary- Public
Mt. Pleasant Standard Base Middle- CHARTER

Beverly Shores Elementary- Public

Lee Charter Academy- CHARTER

G.D. Rogers Garden Elementary- Public

Rio Grande Charter- CHARTER
Kaley Elementary- Public
NAP Ford Community Charter- CHARTER

Palm Beach:
Joseph Littles-Nguzo Saba- CHARTER

Gulf Highlands Elementary- Public

Maximo Elementary- Public
Melrose Elementary- Public

Community Learning Center East- Public

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