Florida’s League of Cities Continues their Assault on Police and Fire Pension

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              Florida’s League of Cities continues their assault on Police and Fire Pensions             

Florida League of Cities

Tallahassee, December 8. 2011:

Brothers and Sisters;

The Florida League of Cities is continuing their campaign to “reform” local pension plans for Police and Fire with misleading radio commercials claiming a need to “save” our pensions.  This could not be further from the truth.  There are over 450 municipal plans in Florida and the truth is that most are adequately funded and working.  A one size fits all approach to “fixing” these plans through a legislative agenda simply will not work.

We were successful in blocking the Leagues’ attempts during last year’s Legislative Session to reform local plans but our members in the Florida Retirement System are feeling the pain of mandated contributions pushed by the League.  The League’s method now is to approach your municipalities and seek support for their initiatives to drastically reduce or completely eliminate Chapter 175 pension plans and force our members onto the 401K rollercoaster style plans (Defined Contribution).  The League would eliminate Defined Benefit plans that our members have depended upon and were promised as a condition of employment.  Our members earn their pensions with their blood and sweat serving our communities.

Be vigilant and make sure your local councils and commissions are not stampeded into introducing resolutions or agenda items that would adopt any of these drastic changes.  We must be proactive.  Contact and encourage your council members to reject any proposal that would reduce or change benefits, contribution rates or multipliers that would erode your future retirement.

Visit the League of Cities web site at www.floridaleagueofcities.com and follow the link under “more” to the pension reform page to read for yourself their agenda.  Contact your state representatives and ask them to oppose local pension plan reform.  In the coming election year, remind your council members that you need and expect their support for our issues.  Encourage the city to withdraw their membership in the League of Cities and stop paying dues to an organization that would destroy our pension system.

James W. Preston, President

Florida State Lodge

Fraternal Order of Police

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