Your Child’s Privacy Is At Stake!

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March 13, 2013

By: Fund Education Now

Para espanol prima el “click”.Our children’s privacy is at grave risk.

The intent of the K-20 Data Warehouse bill is to sell Florida K-20 student data and personal information to “organizations and authorized representatives” for unspecified purposes.

Click here and tell Senators to vote now on SB 878 and protect children’s privacy.

Tomorrow, SB 878 by Sen. Galvano, makes its last stop in the Senate Appropriations Committee before being fast-tracked by political leadership straight to the House.

The K-20 Data Warehouse can release and “re-disclose” our children’s names, our names, social security numbers, home addresses, emails, cell phones, IEP information, behavioral and health issues to any state approved organization. No parental permission is required.

Parents alone deserve the final word over who sees their children’s personal information. Even a slight misuse of this data could cost a child their rightful seat at a university. The price of letting the state proceed with SB 878 is too high.

Tell the Senate Appropriations Committee to vote no on SB 878 and stop it from stealing our children’s privacy.   

Take action now for our children. Help stop SB 878 from robbing our children of their fundamental right to privacy.


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