In The Words Of A State Firefighter

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State Firefighters

January 8, 2012.

Are firefighters the bad guys?

Did we crash the Florida housing market? Did we cause Florida unemployment numbers to skyrocket?

Did we do anything Legislators and special interest groups say we did to try and make us look like the bad guys?

No. The fact is Legislators have targeted firefighters pay, benefits, retirements, safety, staffing levels as way to draw attention from their self interest and that of big business. They forget we are the ones running into places where everyone else runs from. They forget when someone cries help we are the ones responding anytime and any place. They forget when emergencies happen we are the ones staying calm and saving Floridians life’s and property. But we are the bad guys right?

For the next 60 days do me a favor and help us help you. When Legislators target firefighters what happens? Firefighters quit, retire, or find a new line of work!

Now who is running to help when you need it? Rick Scott?  Legislators? The league of Cities?
Chamber of Commerce?

Contact your legislators and tell them to look in the mirror if they want to fix Florida and quit worrying about their special interest, lining their own pockets, or the next election and leave firefighters, police, and public employees alone!

We have had enough!

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