With Rick Scott At The Helm…Our Kids Will Have To Wait For Superman!

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How I spent April 15th: I went into Bank America  and had a good long talk with the manager. She said she had no idea what was going on…

I said, well teachers do…It may not make a difference, but I feel better…I asked her if Bank America would give a teacher a home loan knowing a contract was 10 months and yearly. She said it was highly unlikely. Go figure…She asked me where I was moving my account. I said the credit union. She asked why, and I said, ‘Because it has the word union in it.’

She actually chuckled. The teller next to her was quiet but looked like she wanted to jump over the counter and kiss me! I also told her that I would be back every other week, to cash my check with Bank of America, since it is the payroll bank of my employer. She said it will cost me $6 each time. I said, it was worth it to make a statement… and we could keep having these conversations. lol

Today I see this:

From Florida Public Employees: “CALL TO ACTION: Hold the Florida Chamber of Commerce accountable for attacking PE by BOYCOTTING their bankers – Bank of America, Sun-Trust, Wachovia, and Regions bank. On Thursday, April 21, 2011, start removing your money from these banks. Let them feel the sting of their actions by PE, our families and friends.”

Kudos, Florida Public Servants

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