Will Pink Slip Rick Win In 2012?

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Pink Slip Rick Scott

January 3, 2012

Fellow Floridians:

Will Florida continue its war on the middle class pushed by Pink Slip Rick and his puppets in the Legislature, or will our state change course and focus on protecting and expanding our middle class? That’s the choice we face in 2012, and we will begin to decide our course on the opening day of the Legislative session, January 10th.

Click here to join us as we Awake The State, January 10th. Find an event close you and register, or organize one in your community.

Gov. Scott and his allies in the Legislature are already planning their next round of attacks on Florida’s middle class. Pink Slip Rick’s proposed budget calls for $2 billion in cuts to health care for Florida’s children, poor, and seniors. Rick Scott’s call for increasing education funding is hollow, as his proposal barely makes a dent in the elimination of critical programs like art and music along with irresponsible teacher layoffs. Local school districts will likely see little to no relief.

If Gov. Scott’s budget became law, it would kill 4,500 more Florida jobs. As our state still faces high unemployment, and with no plan from Pink Slip Rick or his puppets in the Legislature to help Floridians get good jobs, that’s unacceptable.

Awake The State on January 10th by finding a rally in your community and registering, or organizing an event of your own.

Since we began rallying against Pink Slip Rick and for protecting Florida’s middle class earlier this year, our state has been changing for the better. Gov. Scott’s approval rating has plummeted from 43% in February to just 26% today. The discussion has also changed. Instead of talking about how much more to take away from middle class families, there is now a stronger and clearer demand for Florida to invest in our future again. Nonetheless, all of the progress we’ve made in 2011 is on the line in 2012.

We must keep up the fight and continue to Awake The State. See you on January 10th!

For Florida,

Susannah Randolph

Sponsored by Florida Watch Action, Inc.


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