Why Did Geno Perez Switch from School Board to State Rep Race?

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Eugenio “Geno” Perez for State Representative District 115

June 13, 2012

By: http://eyeonmiami.blogspot.com

When Eugenio “Geno” Perez decided to run for State Representative everyone asked, why? As a seven year veteran Miami-Dade County Public Schools teacher, former Bureau of Prisons Officer and Marine, “Geno” made an ideal candidate for School Board Member.

Now setting his sights on his candidacy for State Representative, Eye on Miami Blog asked the million dollar question:

From the Eye on Miami Blog: “I asked Geno (Eugenio) Perez why he make the switch from a school board race:

‘After careful consideration, I decided to pursue a run for State Representative District 115. As an educator, I cannot allow anti-public education laws to continue to be part of my opponent’s legislative agenda. I still consider the School Board as an important body that can initiate much needed change, however, educations biggest challenges are coming from Tallahassee.

For example, my opponent Mike Belica voted to increase the cost of College Tuition at FIU by 15%. He also voted to increase homeowners insurance, and sponsored the anti-public education ‘Parent Trigger Bill’. The sad thing is that he sits on the education committee. Therefore, based on the urgency to save education and revitalize the local economy, my colleagues, community leaders and friends have urged me to run for State Representative.”

At a time when teachers and public employees are under attack by elected officials who have never served as government employees, the question now is – will “Geno’s” fellow public servants see him as a positive alternative and cast the required Votes to elect him as their state representative?


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One thought on “Why Did Geno Perez Switch from School Board to State Rep Race?

  1. Geno was smart to switch as local school boards have NO power over education policy. They are little more than rubber stamps for Rick Scott and the corrupt Republican legislature’s ambitions to destroy public schools.
    The Miami-Dade school board showed it’s temerity once again last Wednesday by tabling a resolution against high stakes testing that has been passed by ten other Florida school boards.
    At least in the state legislature, Geno will be able to craft policy not just meekly submit to onerous anti-public education mandates from Tallahassee.

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