“Why Aren’t Other Teachers Fighting”

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Why aren’t other teachers fighting

May 8, 2013 

Provided to FLorida Public Employees

By: New York Teacher About To Retire, via Teachers Laugh facebook 

“I need to post about the contract we had to sign when grading tests. Teachers need to know we must sign this if we grade. Disciplinary action results if you choose to talk about the questions, answers, or the process after you leave the scoring room. In my district we are told you are scoring, no one asks and no one is allowed to request to not score.

My daughter has Asperger’s. I allowed her to take the test. After doing so I was told I would be scoring 6th, 7th and 8th grade ELA exams. I am the school media specialist and although I feel qualified to score since my undergrad major was English and I did teach English in a private school before acquiring my certification as a media specialist. I was the only special subject who was required to be there for 6 days. After learning about the contract I must sign agreeing to disciplinary action if I talk about the test, I requested from my district to be exempt from scoring the 8th grade exam.

My daughter is an 8th grade student. She is adopted and I am a single parent there isn’t a father in the picture I can send her to if she worries about something on the test. She worries about kids who are bullied and called names, she worries about animals who get hurt. The worry doesn’t always happen at the time, maybe 6 years from now. I had no clue as to what passages were in the 8th grade test.

I was told no. If they made an exemption for me they would have to for every parent with a child in 3rd through 8th grade. I explained maybe they should look at doing that. I tried to tell them they could be harming a special needs child in their own district. They really didn’t care.

On my first day of scoring I didn’t want to sign the contract. I was pulled from the testing room and the superintendent gave me a very loud angry verbal directive to sign or I would be insubordinate and escorted from the room. I asked for my NYSUT rep, and was told she had 15 minutes to get there, a real impossibility. I had my local vice-president witness the whole thing.

When it was over the superintendent apologized to the Vice-President, but not to me. Everyone heard him yelling. I was mortified.

I was 46 work days from retirement.

My question is this, why aren’t other teachers fighting this contract. It is ridiculous that our jobs are held over our heads if we discuss the questions and answers after leaving the room. Why can’t professionals converse about this part of our evaluations?

Other teachers need to buck the system so the districts and state know we are here to help students and parents not hide from them.

I need to stop being silent about the issue.”

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