“Vote Con Gusto” Reaches Out To Florida Hispanic Voters in 2012 Elections

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Vote Con Gusto!

Florida Public Employees Partnership joins forces with The Hispanic Vote to harness the power and fulfill the potential of Hispanic & Latino voters in all corners of Sunshine State. Featuring 2-minute VIDEO BELOW from leaders of both organizatons.


May 09, 2012
Florida Public Employees Partnership (FPEP) is teaming up with The Hispanic Vote (THV), an exciting new organization on the Florida political scene, to achieve historic new levels of voter registration, civic engagement and political empowerment in Hispanic communities all across the state.While political parties, politicians and media pundits keep talking about the potentially enormous importance and impact of Hispanic voters, this new nonpartisan alliance has been forged for the practical purpose of doing what it takes to actually fulfill that potential and have that impact; without advancing any single party’s ideology, propaganda or political agenda.FPEP and THV, in historic partnership with leading organizations and individuals in both Florida’s Business and Labor communities, will remain firmly focused on creating interconnected new pathways to citizenship, civic/political engagement and economic opportunity;at the local level, and in engaging ways.With sponsor support, a series of family-oriented special events and results-driven educational projects are being planned for Hispanic communities statewide in the months and years ahead, starting with “Vote Con Gusto” – a Broward County community festival taking place on Saturday, June 23rd, from 1-7PM, in Miramar Regional Park.

This “fun-first” family-oriented event will feature live music and other entertainment; local restaurant food “tastings” and food & beverage (non-alcoholic) vendors; recreational activities for children/adults/seniors alike; information and resources related to voting, upcoming elections and community services/programs; and a special “VIP Village” area where festival-goers can visit with local elected officials, business leaders and other VIPs.

Vote con Gusto celebrates the rich diversity and vibrant energy of Florida’s Hispanic/Latino communities – and the important benefits of providing them with more easily accessible and interrelated paths to citizenship, civic/political engagement, and economic advancement opportunities.

Vote con Gusto sponsors will gain unparalleled print/TV/Radio and online media exposure to a vast audience of Southeast Florida Hispanic and Latino consumers – through El Sentinel and other Spanish newspapers; through Univision and Azteca America TV; through a variety of Spanish radio stations; and through a wide variety of English-speaking media outlets that will also be covering the event.

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