VAM Margin for Error Exceeds 50%; Meanwhile, Florida GOP Senate Wants to Give BOE More Control Over School Grades

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Florida Public Employees

March 13, 2014


By Bob Sikes – Scathing Purple Musings

The editors of the Bradenton Herald pointed out just how flawed that teacher Value Added Metrics (VAM)  based on test scores have proved to be:

Florida’s teacher evaluation system bears too many flaws to be worthy of setting standards for performance pay.

But the fact that the Florida Department of Education intended to seal those teacher rating scores away from the public only adds to the train wreck of a supposed accountability system.

The dubious and misnomered value-added model, known as VAM, assigns teacher scores based on a complicated formula alleged to be based on teacher effectiveness linked to student scores on standardized tests compared with statewide results.

But as the Florida Times-Union discovered in an investigative report, the margin of error on some of those teacher scores exceeded 50 percent. How could this possibly be used to help determine performance pay — half as the law subscribes?

Worse, some educators are judged for student performance with youngsters not even in their classes. How is that even remotely equitable

“Pay no attention to our botched accountability systems” say Florida senate republicans as they propose even more irrational crap to stuff into Florida’s education accountability systems. Yesterday, Sen. John Legg (R-Lutz) inserted language into SB 1642 that gives the state board of education even more power to change school grade rules when it suits them:

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