Valor, Courage, Commitment and Unselfish Nature of First Responders.

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April 20, 2013

By:  Firefighters – Facebook page

Every so often, America and the world are reminded of the valor, courage, commitment and unselfish nature of first responders.

Then, there’s a week like this one.

It’s hard to remember a time, other than on 9/11 itself, that so much attention has been drawn to first responders, in both tragedy and success.

On Monday, when back-to-back bombs exploded in Boston, many ran away from the danger — as they should. Many, as they always do, ran towards it. The first responders were not just the law enforcement, military, EMS and firefighters who were at the race and responded it. They were every day citizens. They stopped the bleeding. They kept victims calm. They carried them to safety and care. Three deaths could have been 30 had it not been for their quick actions.

Without fear of secondary devices, without thought to their own safety, these people exemplified how a hero is defined.

And, in the four days since, law enforcement never gave up, never got sidetracked by the constant media pressure, and focused on a singular mission to capture two suspected madmen hell bent on terrorizing us. Sadly, in the course of their now successful efforts, one law enforcement officer from MIT paid the ultimate price, another officer later wounded.

As if Boston were not enough, then there was West, Texas. A call was dispatched from which at least nine first responders will not return. They were volunteers, community leaders — a career captain from Dallas who went to lend a hand, doing what firefighters do every day. After the blast, more first responders ignored their own personal losses to respond after the explosion hit to search for trapped and injured victims – including their fellow volunteers. The mutual aid response, likely one of the largest in recent times, covered the devastated town in a sea of red and blue lights.

The first responders in Boston and Texas knew they were headed into danger and kept running towards it. These men and women gave their all – their effort and their heroism. Some – a law enforcement officer in Boston and at least nine fire/EMS personnel in Texas – gave their lives.

Amid the chants of “USA, USA” and smiles tonight in the capture, let us never forget.


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