UTD President Karen Aronowitz Responds To “Comments by the Superintendent to Instructional Personnel”

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UTD President Karen Aronowitz With Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho

December 20, 2012

As forwarded to Florida Public Employees by United Teachers of Dade union members:

Dear UTD Bargaining Unit Member:

We are reading the Superintendent’s message sent today regarding the salary schedule.  We find it curious why he does not mention that his bargaining proposal kept the exact same schedule that he claims is so inequitable but just increased it by 1%.

Let’s be clear, M-DCPS management brought NO other proposal to the table that changed the salary schedule.  In fact, mathematically their proposal did the exact opposite.  By nature, a flat percentage proposal gives greater increases to employees who already have higher salaries.  Their proposal also moved no employee to a higher step, further exacerbating this problem.

We have a very simple response to the superintendent’s statement.  Show us.  Show us this proposal you think is more equitable, and show us how you intend to pay for it.  UTD’s proposals, which in fact address the inequities, are on the UTD website. Click here for UTD’s Salary Proposal.

Salary increases will be in effect December 21, 2012 and will be reflected in your January 11, 2013 paycheck.

We look forward to our next reopener.  Our next bargaining session for our VAM cut scores is scheduled for January 10, 2013.

Enjoy your well-deserved break!

In Solidarity,


Karen Aronowitz, President

United Teachers of Dade (UTD)

2200 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

Office – 305-854-0220

Fax – 305-576-7738

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One thought on “UTD President Karen Aronowitz Responds To “Comments by the Superintendent to Instructional Personnel”

    DISAPPOINTMENT Dear Union Brother and Sisters:

    I am glad to learn that members of UTD and the bargaining
    unit are waking up and seeing what the current leadership
    of UTD, Aronowitz, Leichner and Ingram has not been doing
    for us. In fact, their efforts have hurt us. As Mr.
    Carvallo stated in his December 19, 2012 letter which he
    e-mailed to the members of the bargaining unit he was
    disappointed with the deal that teachers got. Let me be
    clear to you it is not the District’s fault but the
    deliberate action of the three top officers to hurt
    teachers for selfish political gain.

    Please remember that on February 19, 2013, UTD will be
    conducting its internal officer elections. Aronowitz has
    announced that she is not running. Let me give you, my
    personal take on things. I believe that Aronowitz
    realizes that she is a liability primarily, because she
    possibly knows that the legal noose is tightening around
    her neck. Aronowitz has tried for three years and
    approximately $500,000.00 in legal bills thus far to
    conceal and suppress information. The funds to mount this
    legal battle came from members’ dues. Shame on Aronowitz,
    Leichner and Ingram to misuse members’ monies for personal
    gain this is most unethical. The information that the
    member had requested should have been immediately
    forthcoming. Unfortunately it was only after a long legal
    battle, that the leadership was forced to hand over some
    information regarding the 2010 election to a giant of a
    unionist. The documents that the attorneys have will show
    that fraud most probably was committed. An indictment
    might be forthcoming. Hence, Aronowitz is attempting to
    pass on the mantel to Ingram. Ingram much like Leichner
    should have know what was happening and if they claim that
    they were unaware, they are admitting that they are
    grossly incompetent and neither of them would be fit to
    lead our union.

    It is my well considered opinion that the three officers
    agreed to a very poor agreement so that when they return
    to the bargaining table somewhere around January 10, 2013,
    that they will settle the contact with a more respectable
    offer. This settlement would take place before the
    February 19, 2013 UTD internal election. With this
    accomplished, Aronowitz’s heir apparent Ingram might have
    a chance to win the election. That might be a first since
    the 2004 election that an election might not be conducted
    in a manner which does not violates the UTD constitution,
    Florida law as well as both PERC regulations and
    directives. Please do not be fooled by this unethical

    On December 20, Aronowitz shamelessly e-mailed a letter to
    the entire bargaining unit trying to refute what Mr.
    Carvallo had reported in his earlier e-mail. Mr. Carvallo
    has integrity and factually stated what had occurred. I
    feel that Aronowitz’s explanations were laced with what I
    would characterize as unadulterated falsehoods. I
    conveyed my thoughts to Aronowitz that same day and she
    has not responded because she could not rebuttal what I
    had said. I do not expect to ever get a response from
    Aronowitz, she knows that as a former member of her
    original UTD Executive Board I had an opportunity to study
    her deceitful actions and spoke out about them. I was
    particularly disgusted by Aronowitz “bamboozling” the
    Executive Board to give the three officers and manager’s
    handsome salary increases. In addition, Aronowitz cohered
    the Executive Board to increase contributions to her
    pension fund. Employees of the District never received
    these perks, and I verbalized at those Executive Board
    meetings that what Aronowitz was requesting was wrong.
    Aronowitz, being the bully that she is attempted to make
    me into a villain. Aronowitz then strong-armed the board
    to grant those increased salary emoluments. What I had to
    say during board meetings were so disturbing to Aronowitz
    that she tried to hurt me professionally.

    I am attaching a copy of that communication for your
    review. I would suggest that every member of the
    bargaining unit should bombard her with phone calls,
    e-mails and letters demanding that she comes clean.

    Let’s hold Aronowitz, Leichner and Ingram’ feet to the
    fire and have them come clean. Demand that they explain
    what has happened and why they have endorsed plans which
    would hurt teachers.

    In unity,

    Peter Hill

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