HB 867 – “Parent Trigger” Bill – Makes Its Last Stop In The House Education Committee Tomorrow.

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March 21, 2013

Provided to Florida Public Employees

By; Fund Education Now

Para espanol prima el “click”.HB867, Parent Trigger by Rep. Trujillo, makes its last stop in the House Education Committee tomorrow.URGENT!  Take action today against the Parent Trigger.Click here to call and email legislators and tell them to vote NO.This legislation uses a parents love to set in motion events that are meant to harm public schools. Pitting parents, children and teachers against each other, the bill repeatedly states that virtual instruction can and should replace classroom teachers.

The Parent Trigger bill features rigid teacher evaluation constraints that could easily destroy every music and fine arts program in Florida. It bans all teachers rated “below effective” from teaching the same students twice. What the bill doesn’t say is that Band, Chorus, Drama and Fine Art teacher evaluations are based on high-stakes test scores, averaged school-wide, of students they do not teach. How is this honest?

Click here to quickly send an email to Governor Scott and the entire House Education Committee. Tell them to listen to Florida parents and vote NO.

Do we want our children denied the one class they love based on an unfair teacher evaluation process?  Do we want children to be banned from taking the next level Fine Arts class because there is only one Art teacher at the school?

Should music and art programs across Florida be stripped of their students over this overtly deceptive Parent Trigger scheme?

There’s no “empowerment” for parents in the Parent Trigger – only for virtual vendors and for profit Charter providers who are not invested in our neighborhood public schools.

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