Unacceptable FSA Test Disaster

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FSATest Disaster

FSA Test Disaster

Courtesy of Fund Education Now, No Excuses

Original: March 3, 2015
Republish: March 4, 2015

Florida-Public-Employees-Fund-Education-NowThe 2015 Florida Legislature opened today under the specter of yesterday’s FSA testing disaster.Fifty percent of the state’s school districts were unable to log on to the $5M test due to the collapse of the state’s server.  This is unacceptable.

Tomorrow Senator Legg convenes the K-12 Education Committee to discuss his testing bill, SB 616, which preserves the flawed FSA as a high stakes way to fail students, throw them into hours of remediation, strip them of electives and magnet status and deny diplomas.

Contact Sen. Legg and let him know we are opposed to our children being harmed by Florida’s latest high stakes testing failure.  Sen. Legg must amend SB 616 and immediately halt all punitive consequences to every student taking the FSA.

Tell Gov. Scott that we expect him to suspend this year’s FSA test and allow education professionals the time to address the enormous accountability system problems.

Our children face grossly inappropriate consequences when they participate in the FSA test. It’s time for Sen. Legg and Gov. Scott to put our children first and accept responsibility for the state’s mess.

Share this alert.  Use your voice. Our children need you to take action today.

Sen. John Legg
Tallahassee: 850.487.5017
District: 813.909.9919

Gov. Rick Scott
Tallahassee: 850.488.7146

Please consider supporting us in this vital work.


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