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Florida  Pension for state workers looms big in governor’s race

Riding a strong stock market, the Florida pension fund had a robust year, earning 17.4 percent in returns and rising to $149 billion.


Tampa_Bay_TimesTampa Bay Times: Florida’s legal aid services for the poor imperiled by budget cuts

Florida’s legal aid societies, where the poor seek help fighting eviction, collecting government benefits and battling foreclosure, are in crisis, according to advocates who say the state’s last line of civil legal defense is crumbling.


Sun_SentinelSun Sentinel: Rising Sheriff’s Office salaries pose budget challenge

The price of providing public safety keeps going up inPalm Beach County, with soaring salaries for Sheriff’s Office employees taking much of the blame for the rising public cost.


florida-public-employees-pensacola-news-journalNews-Journal: Viewpoint: Lawsuit seeks to limit choice, opportunity

Several leading (self-anointed) state education advocacy associations, led by the statewide teacher’s union, have filed a lawsuit assaulting school choice for some Florida families. This lawsuit seeks to end the nation’s largest tax-credit scholarship program, a program that serves nearly 70,000 students statewide and 944 in Escambia County alone.


florida-public-employees-tallahassee-democratTallahassee Democrat: Commission vote on ethics sparked ballot initiative

The group behind a proposal to change the city of Tallahassee’s charter to include sweeping new ethics provisions might not ever have formed had city commissioners followed the advice of their own ethics advisory panel.

Story All Marion elementary students to get free meals

For the second consecutive year, every Marion County elementary school student — regardless of his or her family income — gets free breakfast and lunch thanks to a federal feeding program.


florida-public-employees-gay-divorce-caseWTSP: Florida court sends back gay divorce case

The Florida Supreme Court won’t consider the constitutionality of the state’s gay marriage ban in order to settle a same-sex divorce case.


florida-public-employees-rick-scott-campaign-promisesTampa Bay Times: PolitiFact Florida: Rating Gov. Rick Scott on his campaign promises

Gov. Rick Scott has had nearly four years to enact the agenda he promised as a candidate back in 2010: a relentless focus on jobs, a downsizing of government and a hard line on illegal immigration.





florida-public-employees-cnn-healthCNN:  CDC official: Virus hitting Midwest could be ‘tip of iceberg’

A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals in Missouri and possibly throughout the Midwest and beyond, officials say.


florida-public-employees-testing-revoltWashington Post:  Testing revolt brews in Florida as Miami schools chief urges delay in new exams

In Florida, the state where former governor Jeb Bush (R) pioneered the use of high-stakes standardized tests for school “accountability” purposes, a testing revolt is unfolding.

Story Opinion: Pension benefits, public and private, face forces that would slash them

Gov. Christie and his supporters have made it their mantra to attack citizens in public service in New Jersey for expecting the state government to honor the pension and benefit promises made to them going back decades. The governor’s recent reference to “a bloated, unaffordable entitlement system” illustrates his disdain.


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