To: Rick Scott!!! No Outsourcing Your Public Employees!!!

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Let it be known:

All Florida Public Employees opposes the outsourcing of 143 active FRS members at the Brevard County Clerk of the Courts office. “Staff-sourcing” is nothing more than outsourcing the functions of Public Employees and an attack on the human infrastructure of our government. The fact a private company rehires employees, with reduced benefits, for the same position does not alter the reality of what it is – Outsourcing of Public Employees and an attack on the FRS.  Are you, Mitch Needelman, really serving in the best interests of your county or Public Employees?

Aside from the critical issue of ensuring the integrity of confidential information, by your actions are we to assume, now;  The functions of government staffing are better served by privatization? That in the long run the economic benefit will outweigh the benefits of having your own staff? If so, then “why not throw the baby out with the bath water” and also privatize your job? I’m certain taxpayers can find a company to do it for less and even have them come up with creative ideas on how to operate in the Red without privatizing Public Employee jobs.  Government oversight should be responsible and come with strong accountability. If the problem is an economic shortfall them don’t cop-out and blame it on “nepotism”.

Fight for your staff and the best interests of the public you serve. Fight for the collection of lost revenue from those who benefit from Florida’s corporate tax loopholes.

At the end of the day, privatizing government functions does nothing more than feed public dollars to for-profit companies already benefiting from Florida’s low corporate tax rates.

We thank all of our readers and those who submit contributions for posting…The fight remains vivid!

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