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The following is an unedited script provided by Florida Teachers Against Pay-Performance Salaries / Pay Scales.


From: Florida Teachers Against Pay-For-Perfomance Salary / Pay Scale

Good afternoon Reps,

Earlier this week, we provided you with information about the issues that have arisen regarding the BLPT. Yesterday, the district presented Vanessa and me with a letter restating their position that the BLPT language in our contract had expired and reiterating in the letter that there would be no BLPT this year. In addition, the district sent a letter to all principals telling them that any “undecided BLPT choice days” could now be determined by the principal. We vehemently disagree and stand by the value that interest-based decision-making by a building level team can bring to overall success at a worksite.

In addition, after we received the letter of response from the district to the BLPT, I was also personally handed a letter that stated that the district now suddenly believes (2 months after the start of my 12-month contract) that the language in the contract granting my release time from the classroom as your CTA Vice-President is ALSO expired and has directed me to return to the classroom full-time as of September 8th. The district is sorely mistaken on this account as well.

Given the district’s blatant and ill-advised disregard for our contract and collaboration, we have no other choice but to file unfair labor practice charges for these actions and refer these matters to our legal counsel.

Isn’t it ironic that in the days preceding a holiday celebrating the American worker, their voice, and the ability of workers to unite, organize, unionize and advocate for themselves that the district chose THIS WEEK to attempt to flex their management muscle? Who’s ship is it again??

On behalf of the CTA/CU Executive Board, we want you to know that we will NOT back down, we will NOT give up, we will NOT give in, and we will continue to be your VOICE, no matter how hard the district tries to break us.

Happy Labor Day!



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