The Struggle For Public Employees Continues With The Start Of The 2013 Florida Legislative Session

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The Struggles For Public Employees Continues

March 5, 2013

By: Robert Asencio , President – Florida Public Employees Partnership

Well, today marks the start of the 2013 Florida Legislative Session. From the Bills filed, speeches made, and feedback received from members of our state’s electorate we know the battle for Public Employees continues.  Unfortunately, unjust pension reform, privatization of public services and facilitating greater access to taxpayer dollars by for-profits corporate interests are the priorities in Tallahassee this session.

Although behind this political agenda and still in power, the once supermajority has been reduced by Voters.  Arrogance, fear and uncertainty of the extreme right falling out of favor with the public appears to be the driving force of the faithful who seek to pass legislation this year that without doubt will not be passed in years to come.

As such, this year will be critical for Public Employees as we face a political agenda more inline with ideology than fiscal conservatism.

The legislative majority remains strong and committed, but through our unity and calls for action we retain the greatest power of all – the VOTES they need to stay in office.  However to leverage the overwhelming might of the estimated 1.5 million Public Employees in Florida, we must stand in SOLIDARITY to right the wrongs of a new bred of legislators who favor private interests over that of Florida and its people.

The choice to protect your interests through action is now up to you.

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