The Florida Public Employees Partnership Mission

Florida Public Employees Partnership (FPEP) Mission:††

To be a strong voice and advocate in the public arena for the rights of Florida Public Employees and all other working people across the state. To educate the general public about the critically important role that public sector services and workers play in all of our lives. To protect and improve the quality of life for all Floridians by protecting and preserving the quality and integrity of public sector services they depend on. To work for the creation of sustainable jobs and training/retraining initiatives for both public and private sector workers across the state of Florida. To protect organizing, collective bargaining and political action rights of unions. To invigorate, activate and unite all Floridians in†efforts to transform our state government into one that is representative of and accountable to “We The People, rather than big corporations and wealthy campaign donors”.

Organizational Goals

1) Education & Communication

  • Correct public misconceptions & confront disinformation put out by politicians, vested interests & media, about public sector employees, programs, services.
  • Explain the damage done to Floridians by public sector attacks & cuts. Reveal & explain in simple terms the hidden political agendas & specific legislative initiatives that are targeting public sector programs & workers.
  • Point out & explain alternative, constructive public policy & legislative initiatives.
  • Explain & deconstruct myths and motivations behind privatization of public sector.
  • Explain record & proposals of specific candidates, elected & appointed officials, related to public sector programs, services & workers.
  • Create new, non-partisan opportunities for civil public discourse, debate & citizen consensus-building around key issues.
  • Use fully integrated range of new/traditional media to communicate all of above

2) Organizing, Influence & Impact

  • Recruit like-minded individuals & organizations statewide as FPEP members.
  • Raise funds to create strong infrastructure & launch education/communications.
  • Create and fund an FPEP Political Action Committee (PAC).
  • Develop FPEP public policy & legislative agenda.
  • Build diverse community partnerships & develop/implement concrete programs. Develop lobbying capacities with FPEP citizen lobbying training & actions.
  • Build FPEP Internet “Rapid Response” team to correct online disinformation.
  • Build telephone & door-to-door outreach teams.
  • Create candidate screening/endorsement process & incumbent/legislative ratings.
  • Create “earned media” coverage opportunities with special events & actions.
  • Build a trained FPEP Speakers Bureau with evolving topics/presentations.
  • Create regional/local FPEP chapters.
  • Find, endorse, actively support & elect good candidates that stand up for FPEP.
  • Oppose & defeat those that do not, and the same goes for legislation.

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