The Divide – Part 4: Discussing What Should President Obama Do Different If Re-Elected

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November 5, 2012

By: Robert Asencio

Source: Florida Public Employees Facebook page

We know he could have done better – as all of us could, but where has the President gone wrong and what should he do differently if re-elected?
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  • Katrina Herring the President should have insisted on the Public Option and gotten those damn Blue Dog democrats in line.
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  • Kristen Stanley DeSimone Fire his secretary of education and have education policies that actually match how he speaks about education in his speeches….
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  • Kyle Wadington Blough Find a way around the obstructionist Congress. The Republicans did everything in their power to be sure he didn’t get the things he wanted. Their goal was to make him a one term president. Congress should be fired!
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  • Dan Parish Since you asked, I tend to agree with Paula. I’ve added the following why does he support black liberation theolgy. What is his plan to save social secuiry/medicare. Our country has run out of money and yet he continues spending. How many total votes has Obama received for any of the budgets he sent to congress. Just a few and now Paula Priesse: November 3rd – One candidate said Friday we should vote for “revenge.” The other said we should vote for “love of country.” Here’s a hint, the one who said for “love of country” didn’t give us: $6 trillion in new debt, record unemployment, a drop in avg. income, a rapid rise in poverty or Obamacare. He also didn’t sue the states over immigration & voter ID, try t
    o destroy the coal industry, block the Keystone pipeline, stiff GM investors or mock small business owners. He didn’t sic the IRS on political opponents, leak from the WH or dis our allies. And he certainly didn’t cover up the deaths of four brave Americans. Ironic, seems the one saying vote for “revenge” has sought revenge against his own country.
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  • Jeffery Floyd Maybe just maybe, he could stand up for public employees. He was quiet when Walker in Wisconsin abused his authority or Kasich attempt to strip all collective bargaining rights.
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  • Briggid Larson Leas maybe dan parish could provide some factual information and not just the fox playlist
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  • Ada Fennell Yes, Dan. And since you did ask, he’s already robbed $716 billion from Medicare to pay for obamacare (cutting reimbursements to doctors and providers so less will take Medicare patients). He is promising more of the same if re-elected, and what could i…See More
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  • Kyle Wadington Blough Ada, you’re drinking the FOX kool-aid. He did not steal anything. Check your facts on a reliable web site.
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  • Natasha Jordan Ada, they AGREED to the cuts, knowing that they would have MORE customers. PLEASE educate yourself, Ryan has the SAME $716 billion “SAVINGS” thing in his plan, only he cuts out the donut hole for seniors and ends coverage for preexisting conditions.
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  • Dan Parish Are we six trillion in debt? Unemployment is higher that when he took office? Blaming anyone doesn’t help the the approximately 15 percent out of work find a job. He did take money out of medicare to fund Obamacare. He stopped the pipeline. He sued AZ over THEIR right to pass a law. Nope, not fox kool aid just facts. Now the most important: as a christian I CAN’T support abortion or homosexual marriage.
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  • David Giovannini How about putting pressure on the senate to pass a budget!
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  • Dan Parish $16 trillion is more than the value of all the goods and services produced in the United States last year. (“Gross Domestic Product,” Bureau of Economic Analysis,, accessed 9/4/12.) $16 trillion is also 25 percent of the world’s gross domestic …See More
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  • Briggid Larson Leas dan you dont even have a clue what the keystone pipeline xl is and what it will do..for sure it wont get gas down lower for sure it will ship that gas overseas for sure it will put more carbon into the atmosphere for sure it is the dirtiest of dirty ways to get oil..
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  • Natasha Jordan President Obama got my vote. Just look at what Republicans are doing everywhere. They are laying off state workers, NOT the President. RED states – just like ours are refusing OUR Federal dollars that WE pay for coming back to help our state. They hav…See More
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  • Briggid Larson Leas and by the way please go look up what communism, socialism, fascism mean they are not interchangeable philosophies and by the way Russia is not a communist country anymore but that information is concealed in books, United Russia is a centrist politic…See More
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  • Dan Parish A new report by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service finds that the largest federal budget item is spending on welfare programs. To support the 83 programs that CRS identified as welfare programs, the federal government spends $745.84 billio…See More
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  • Briggid Larson Leas dan dan dan you are so wrong on so many levels

    Non-partisan research and policy institute working on federal and state fiscal p…See More
  • Briggid Larson Leas oh and where do we get those “free” abortions its what every women wants..(said with extreme sarcasm)
  • Natasha Jordan Oh Dan, please don’t give me your hyperbole. When the economy is bad, that is what happens. When more get back to work as we crawl our way back out of TWO unfunded wars, and everyone losing their retirement when the stock market and financial meltdown under Bush’s watch – less will be spent, more will be paying back into the system for the NEXT Republican fiasco.
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  • Briggid Larson Leas Dan do you get a pension from the government and or probably some social security or medicaid..those welfare programs you are talking about
  • Natasha Jordan Additionally Dan, if you are going to copy and paste figures, provide your source. THIS is the report. It jumped up after we LOST 700,000 jobs per month as Bush was on his way OUT.

    Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.
  • Dan Parish OMG, still blaming Bush, can Obama fix the economy or not? Where is his budget? I post from non-partisan reports and all you liberals can do is deflect. I work for the fl dept of corrections and folks none of you and I mean none of you have received…See More
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  • Ed Chancellor Yes Dan. You were wrong. Can’t depend on the Women to defend the country or protect the constitution. We may be lost , but they will have their Women’s Rights which is really nothing but Women’s wishes.
  • Judy Heck I don’t like being condescended to. To assume all women care about are free abortions and birth control is insulting.
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  • Natasha Jordan Facts can be twisted, but when they are – they become lies.
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  • Dan Parish @Judy, it was meant to be. I am truly hoping that the democrats think more of women than just those two issue or at least this is all I’m getting out of this campaign. Its been waging for months. Women should be insulted at the Obama campaign.
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  • Natasha Jordan And it is NOT about free contraception, it is about MY PERSONAL RIGHT, NOT yours. It is now LAW that I will not be charged a higher premium just because I am a woman. It is about EVERY woman deciding when and if they want to start a family. No one gets…See More
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  • Dan Parish Obama said that adding $4 trillion in debt was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic.” His words and I agree for once. Now I ask all the liberals to join with me and our President that he should be replaced. We don’t need an unpatriotic American leading our nation, do we?
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  • Natasha Jordan The cuts are NOT from Obama, they are from the idiot Republicans that YOU elected. And the economy IS getting better, job gains every month. Stock market is UP. Put the blame where it belongs, call RickScott and ask him where those jobs are. And you applied for your job, and I have fought against for those cuts that you lost. Pick your battles wisely.
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  • Kevin Sims I believe the cuts you’ve received at the Fl DOC lie in the laps of the republican leadership here and their wish to privatize YOUR job. But hey, keep voting for the repubs. They’ll take good care of you.
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  • Dan Parish Here is a choice for you pro-choice folks, try having SAFE SEX FOR PETES SAKE. It becomes mine when my tax dollars are spent on something that is in direct conflict to the work of God and not Man’s or a 9 person court.
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  • Sabeena Beg Cook Mitt Romney invested 75 million in a company that disposes aborted fetuses, and made money off of it. but that’s ok ’cause he says he’s pro-life now, right Dan?
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  • Briggid Larson Leas dan as a public sector employee voting republican is the equivalent of cutting your own throat..ask your teamster brother and sisters who they support i can guarantee its not romney/ryan..ryan from the state of wisconsin who with the governor went out of their way to break and destroy unions
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  • Natasha Jordan Alright Dan, no one is making you pay for birth control. My insurance covers whatever a woman wants to use, or not use. And don’t you DARE throw you bible thumping crap at me, go sell your crazy some where else. We have separation of church and state because of people like YOU.
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  • Dan Parish Asuumption are foolish. I didn’t vote for Scott and will not. More going on here than political parties. Is the following true: Obama’s abortion record is extreme. How extreme? He opposed the ban on partial-birth abortion – a procedure where a baby …See More
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  • Natasha Jordan Is your sex life any of MY business? No, just as it is NONE of yours for the REST OF THE WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY!
  • Briggid Larson Leas Hyde amendment look it up Dan
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  • Natasha Jordan Can fix a hypocrite.
  • Natasha Jordan Dan, I don’t give a rats ass about what you think. Your views are backwards and inaccurate. I will use my ban hammer now.
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  • Sabeena Beg Cook Obama opposed legislation that “would have taken decision-making out of the hands of doctors, giving anti-abortion activists an opening to sue abortion providers by alleging that they chose to terminate the life of a viable fetus on purpose. He did not, however, express any support for “infanticide” or for ending the life of a viable fetus, as claimed”.
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  • Briggid Larson Leas its funny you can spot the rabid fox news watchers from their posts so full of fantasy..but in the end people prefer to believe what they prefer to be true
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  • Mark Watson Jobs bill that He proposed that would put people to work was rejected buy the republicans house. Interest rates at a all time low. But the main object of the Republican Party was to get the Dem. prezz out of office. Not get country on its feet.
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  • Natasha Jordan The world is moving at twice the speed of these back-in-time travelers. It is OUR country, too and there are more of us then there are of them. The GOP is a dying breed. Thank FOX for that!
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  • Ed Chancellor its Dan, his backwards for believing in the rights of the unborn, the most innocent and helpless of all of us. Who will defend their Rights? And I am not a Bible Thumper.
  • Briggid Larson Leas heres the thing dan and ed..making abortions illegal will not protect the unborn Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates. For example, the abortion rate is 29 per 1,000 women of childbearing age in Africa and 32 pe…See More
  • Florida Public Employees Anything on the other issues?
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  • Briggid Larson Leas dont you know it always comes down to religion and sex
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  • Briggid Larson Leas as far as real issues the environment is my big issue..
  • Florida Public Employees Sex is GREAT, but ……….
  • Natasha Jordan The other important issues to me are to put all the billions we have spent on other countries bringing democracy and spend it on our country. Education spending where we are once again leading in science, biology, math, etc. We need higher paying jobs…See More
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  • Briggid Larson Leas and what Natasha said too//wouldnt it be great to do some nation building in our nation..
  • Florida Public Employees Wonder if critics will oppose investing in our National infrastructure?
  • Briggid Larson Leas well with the way the weather is tearing up an out dated over worked system the cost is pay now or pay later..wouldnt it be great to have the Sunshine State with homes and business with solar capability but that would cut into the bottom line at FPL
  • Natasha Jordan Critics? They all ready have by not voting for the American Jobs Act, The Veteran’s Job Act, equal pay and filibustered over 314 others. I feel like they hate people and our country. Even Rick Scott refused the money to do the high speed rail. REFUSED.
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  • Valerie Ford The constituents are the victims suffering throughout America because the elected republican officials in the senate and house have refuse to work with the President and have shown solidarity disagreeing. They want President Obama to be a one term pres…See More
  • William Dresback What about the first 2 years when dems had house, senate and president? While I’m with a lot of the comments. there’s a tremendous amount of hate towards those with different opinions right here. He could had committed to freeing up political gridlock.

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