The Divide – Part 3: Discussing Romney’s Power Base In Florida On Florida Public Employees Facebook

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November 4, 2012

By: Robert Asencio
Source: Florida Public Employees Facebook page

Appears Gov. Romney’s power base in Florida is among males, as President Obama is favored by more women.

read the Miami Herald article.

Is this correct? As a woman, how do you feel about the candidates and why?

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  • Roy Jackson I know as a male, I don’t like the guy and I have many reasons – highest among them is this, if you attack the liberty of any one group of Americans you attack us all and the GOP has made its singular issued the denigration of women to the status of government property to be commanded and examined at will. Number 2 is Mitt is not enough of a man or a human to oppose number 1. Number 3 is I have no idea how he stands on anything except liquidating American capital and sending it overseas. There are more, but that covers it for now.
  • M Stacie Libey Poppell This woman voted Romney! While the Republican Party has moved further and further to the right on social issues leaving me in the center, I happen to mostly agree with the party on fiscal issues. The Republican party’s big fear was that Romney might not be as far to the right as they’d like on social issues. For me, that’s a plus. I believe Romney will cross party lines and clean up the economy. I believe, in Florida, the result will be a turn around in property values. As property values modestly increase, public employees will begin to receive modest raises. The public will move away from demonising us and expecting us to serve for free. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting tired of doing the work of 2 or 3 for less than the pay of 1. I’m tried of my friends and neighbors resenting that I traded potential high pay for a pension promise and decent health insurance for my family. I sincerely believe Romney will bring the necessary change to bring this country to back to prosperity.
  • M Stacie Libey Poppell Make that tired- not tried…autocorrect worked against me!
  • Clif Hennecy Yeah, Yeah…that’s great Stacie, now go fix your man a sandwich!
  • Tom James this poll is most likely a little skewed. it will be closer than this.
  • Florida Public Employees Thank you Roy Jackson. So what’s Romney’s appeal to so many? Is the economy overshadowing all else and as such, is it that many Americans equate his extreme success as a venture capitalist to having the financial skill sets to fix our economy? Or is it something else?
  • M Stacie Libey Poppell Clif Hennecy, I am fixing him eggs and sausage as I type…..and he’s replacing the light bulb in my makeup mirror!
  • Clif Hennecy …atta’ girl! 😉;)
  • Florida Public Employees M Stacie Libey Poppell, do you agree with this article that women are more likely to vote for the President?
  • Clif Hennecy I know as a male, I love the guy and I have many reasons – highest among them is this, if you attack the liberty of any one group of Americans you attack us all and the Dems have made its singular issue the denigration of wealthy job creators to the status of government property to be regulated and taxed at will. Number 2 is Mitt is experienced enough to recognize the foibles in #1. Number 3 is I have witnessed how Obama has a propensity for aquiring massive debt and sending it overseas. There are more, but that covers it for now.
  • Paige Campbell Roy, glad some people have sense.
  • Therese Dion Cuba I am a woman and I’m for Obama….mitt wants to control my body. I will vote against it!
  • Natasha Jordan Mitt was my governor and he has told 917 lies in the last 41 weeks! ALL documented. I voted today – all blue.

    Steve Benen has been chronicling Mitt Romney’s lies over the course of 2012. Wit…See More
  • Natasha Jordan Women will vote Obama, other’s will shallowly vote for “he has nice hair.”
  • Susan Ballinger Any woman, in FL or elsewhere, who votes for Rmoney/Lyan is not only voting against her own interest, but the interest, health, safety and security of her mother and daughters.
  • Ann Hartman All I hear is economy, economy, jobs, economy. And yesss I agree this is very important. But I might win the lottery next week & that will be a moot point for me.
    As a woman, a mother of daughters and a friend if females, I will be voting against Romney.
  • M Stacie Libey Poppell I believe men and women alike vote their consciences. Each of us makes conscious decisions based on our own unique perspective. 
    Profession: Am I a cop? Am I a social worker? Am I a teacher?
    Family history. 
    Moral identity.
    Gender is just one influence that adds to our perspective. Unfortunately, on gender issues, the Republican party fares poorly. It very much seems like a bunch of more often than not male elected officials are legislating what we women can do with our bodies. This from the party that “believes in less government and more personal freedom”. 
    Many women, no matter their stance on life vs choice, feel that legislating morality is disrespectful toward women. We women can’t be trusted to make the right decision for our bodies based on all the factors that play into each unique decision. 
    So women have to weigh the importance of personal freedom and gender respect for us and our female progeny against the economy and the political policy (capitalism vs socialism) that we and our progeny must look ahead to live in. For some women, freedom and respect win. I think Romney may win a majority of both gender’s votes but in a comparison of percentages, the percentage if men will be greater than the percentage of women. 

    Clif, you think you’re so funny. Remind me someday to tell you about my first marriage. Bad joke!
  • Heather Riley I voted for Obama and all the men I love grandfather, father, husband, brothers, and uncles vote Obama 🙂:)
  • M Stacie Libey Poppell Of not if ………and Clif, in rereading, my comment to you sounds angry and I’m not. It Was funny, just a bad joke in my unique circumstance.
  • Silvia Clem Womack I don’t see that in the north part of the state
  • Heather Riley The article is just a ploy to get more dems out to vote. Hope it works!
  • Roy Jackson Florida Public Employees I may not be the best person to ask that of. I have yet to reason out how we allowed the previous president to get away with sending a forgery about yellow cake uranium to the UN to justify a preemptive war. My only real suggestion in this regard, and it is based upon my study of history, is that sometimes people wish harder for things to be the way they are, rather than look at the way they are. Romney has not held the same position on anything for over the last 4 years and so those who really do not like Obama latch on to what ever they want to believe. For example, Romney raised taxes in Massachusetts and says he will lower them and balance the budget now… that makes no impression on them. He took government money to dispose of dead fetuses and says he will put an end to abortions now — and that barely registers with Romney supporters. Some will vote gop no matter what, some just want to believe we can go back to the way bush ran things without re-triggering those 1% a month hikes in unemployment that began in the late summer of 2008. Most of them don’t even remember that we were headed into a depression in January of 09 when Obama took office. They really do not remember it at all! Or that well over 1/2 the debt we are carrying now was incurred while our economy humming because we launched two, tax-free wars. Honestly, they thought war was free and there would be no economic consequences to the foolish choices we made in 2001, 02 and 03.
  • Roy Jackson @ Clif Hennecy; what taxes on the rich have been raised in the last 12 years by the dems? What taxes on them have been cut and why has this not translated into more jobs?
  • Helene McCall Meyer I’m a woman voting for Romney. Why, since I am a Democrat? Because when you are chipping away at the Bill of Rights, it is a very slippery slope!!!
  • Natasha Jordan GO and VOTE! 

    Now… UNINSTALLING TEAPARTY UTERUS CONTROL….. █████████████▒ 94% complete.
  • Roy Jackson That is odd Helene Meyer – what would you call requiring women who have been raped and gotten pregnant to get an invasive medical exam against their will if not a violation of the Bill of Rights?
  • Natasha Jordan Who’s Bill of Rights? The “I am confusing bible scripture for the constitution” one?
  • Michelle Asselin Mitt Romney is just going to be a bigger badder version of our Governor Valdimort! He is going to put women back in kitchens barefoot and pregnant with his wanting to shut down agencies like planned parent hood. His wanting to get rid of FEMA is another thing that as someone who has worked as an EMT and now in law enforcement I believe is a massive mistake! To some our President seems weak but when you are fighting a congress the refuses to act and is after their own agenda any President would seem week. It’s time to stop fighting each other and work together for the greater good!
  • Sabeena Beg Cook @M Stacie Libey Poppell, Mitt better for the economy? The Economist, endorses Obama:

    FOUR years ago, The Economist endorsed Barack Obama for the White House with ent…See More
  • Rory Robinson When people talk about trust and respect for and coming from Romney, I know they aren’t doing enough reading.
  • Nancy Kulp You can’t fix stupid…and you cannot argue with it either. That’s why it is called stupid.
  • Ed Chancellor Cliff. You nailed it. Can’t talk to some women, especially if they chose to believe the lib lies. SAndra Fluck is their role model. That is all you need to know.
  • Alisa Persons-Peterson Stacie wrote: “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting tired of doing the work of 2 or 3 for less than the pay of 1.” I hate to tell you this, but that’s been the norm for many in the private sector for decades. Corporations find they ca…See More
  • Alisa Persons-Peterson BTW, in voting down the Paycheck Fairness Act I got the standard line in an email from Rubio saying that he doesn’t believe that women should be paid equally because then they would sue over their poor wages and their lawyers might make some money helping them get a little justice. (And that has got to be the absolute sorriest bullcrap defense I have ever heard on that subject.)

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