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April 30, 2013

Provide to Florida Public Employees

By: Christine – Fund Education Now, No Excuses

Para Espanol, oprima el “click”You did it!! The Florida Senate killed the Parent Trigger today!

Because of you, a team of bi-partisan senators wisely voted down the Parent Trigger for the second year in a row. Our rock-solid alliance of a million empowered Florida parents went to Tallahassee to testify, sent hundreds of thousands of letters and made just as many calls.

Please take the time to thank the six brave Republican senators who listened to the pleas of the real parents of Florida and did the right thing.  Senators Nancy Detert, Charlie Dean, Nancy Detert, Rene Garcia, Diaz de la Portilla, Greg Evers and Jack Latvala crossed the aisle to join with Democrats and together they brought down the Parent Trigger.

This is proof that our democracy is alive.  This is about the simple truth each of us carries in our hearts:  there is no greater power than the love a parent has for their child.

Please thank our Senators for their magnificent work and for taking us seriously.  Now that’s empowering!

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