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November 8, 2012

As we transition from the election cycle to increasing our audience, strengthening relationships and building new alliances across Florida; on behalf of Florida Public Employees Partnership, I extend my gratitude to all of you for your continued contributions to our organizational efforts of informing, uniting and advocating for Public Employees.

Over the past year in a half we have grown much and without doubt left our footprints in Tallahassee, throughout Florida, and Nation. Not a week goes by where calls or messages are not received inquiring or complementing our collective efforts.  For that, I thank you all.  Especially those of you who have been with us from the begining.

From a Facebook page has emerged an organization that extends beyond the internet and this website.  We now have a viable grassroots organization advocating in the best interests of Public Employees, the services we offer and Floridians as a whole.

Without an effective well structured government our Nation would not be able to exists, as Public Employees provide the foundation for all else.  It’s for this reason, I thank each of you and ask for your continued support.
This is your organization and together we are Floridians who represent the power to influence positive change and Right the Wrongs of so many elected officials who place private interests over that of their constituents.


Your Brother,

Robert Asencio, President

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