Thank You For Voting America

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Thank You America

November 7, 2012

Editorial by:  Natasha Jordan

Thank you for voting America.

Let’s all work on losing the hate that has paralyzed our economic recovery.
Our Congress needs to do what is best for the CITIZENS.   With over 300 filibusters against ALL Job bills for our veterans and citizens in just the last two years, we still need to remind them all WHO pays their salary.

Our great country will recover, we just can’t wait around and let congress screw with our future and slow down the recovery. Stop messing with women’s rights, and in fact ALL civil rights of each and every American. That is NOT their job. That is NOT our countries priority. All men and women are created equal. We all need to start speaking out to protect the citizens and we must still tirelessly work for the ones who don’t know what they stand to lose. We can’t have everything – but there are many things we can’t stand to go without, nor lose.

All the Koch brother’s money did not buy a President. They did not get Romney elected. Corporations need to stop the influence of policy and law that goes directly against our common good for the citizens. That will be a hard fight, where profits over people has become the norm – and the ones wanting to profit the most have pitted us against each other to move their agenda forward – in the disguise of lies.

I am not going anywhere, I will still continue to fight for injustice. I have my parents strong ethics to thank for who I am today – and even though they are gone, they motivate me still.

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