Tell The Senate Vote No On Vouchers

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Tell The Senate Vote No On Vouchers


With less than 2 weeks left in the session, the Senate brought Florida’s $3 billion dollar voucher expansion back to life.  Sen. President Gaetz caved on his position that publicly funded voucher students and public school students take the same tests.  Sen. Galvano filed a late amendment to the voucher language under the pretense of adding accountability.This is a bait and switch. Sen. Galvano’s amendment states that voucher students will not be required to take the same tests, learn the same curriculum or work under the same standards as our public schools.Click here and tell your Senator to use our tax dollars to improve public schools for all instead of funding vouchers to private schools for a few.

Knowing vouchers were dead in the Senate, Galvano tucked this amended language into SB 1512, the Debit Card Voucher bill, deliberately confusing the issues.  Yesterday, Senate Appropriations passed Galvano’s voucher expansion and attached it to SB 1512. This is language that has never even been debated in committee, but will end up on the Senate floor for a full vote.

Our Florida public schools cannot afford to lose $3 billion dollars.  These politicians are constitutionally bound to fund a high quality public education first.

Take action today.  Tell legislators that we are against diverting billions in public tax dollars to private religious schools while exempting them of all accountability. 

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