Teachers States: “The St Lucie County School Board doesn’t appear to be interested in bargaining”

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Teacher Negotiations in St. Lucie County

November 16, 2012

The following editorial is a result of the ongoing teacher contract negotiations in St. Lucie County.  As shared on the Florida Public Employees Facebook page:

By: David Freehand

The St Lucie County School Board doesn’t appear to be interested in bargaining.

We tackled the CU pay scale which was a monster. Simplified it. Proposed a 5% increase and a step. Next year move everyone to their required step. A little over 2 million in increases and 46,000 to make the necessary changes.

Told them they could pay for it by simply eliminating their “special” lawyer and hire in-hou

se attorneys like most school districts (that would save 1.5 million+) and eleiminate 6 months of Mark R. (that would save over 50K) which would have paid for the ENTIRE CU proposal.We left the CTA portion unchanged and refused to budge on insurance but agreed to begin discussion on overhauling the insurance system we have in place to complete work on or before June 2014.

We also told the board that teachers are uncomfortable asking our community to support a tax increase of any kind when the board refuses to make serious cuts to anything besides teachers and staff. It may come to a request for a special levy, but not until there are real cuts somewhere besides us.

We asked a simple question about how much and where the money is stashed in the reserve funds and they were unwilling to answer that simple question.

Finally, we asked to form a workgroup to help explain the CU proposal and work on any necessary changes and they refused that request.

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