Teacher John Paul Alvarez Runs For State Representative – District 53

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John Paul Alvarez For State Representative – District 53

July 20, 2012

By:  Citizens for a better Florida

The 2011 and 2012 Legislative Sessions proved to be one of the most extreme sessions in Tallahassee we’ve had yet. The public employee was under attack – teachers, firefighters, police, union members, and other public employees were treated as if they were the problem to our state’s budgetary problems.

This vehement attack on the average Floridian motivated a young, charismatic high school teacher by the name of John Paul Alvarez to stand up and make a difference.

Sitting at home after a long day of teaching, Alvarez was reading the headlines – Teacher Merit Pay, Public Employees 3% salary contribution, and additional Tax Breaks to Corporations had made it into our state’s budget and had become law. These were factors that led him to question: Who is putting people first before all decisions that happen in Tallahassee? At the same time, Alvarez also felt like his own legislative delegation from Brevard was not representing the working middle class citizen. From that day on, Alvarez embarked on a life changing journey.

For the past 16 months John has been running for State Representative in southern Brevard county – a mostly low socioeconomic area with a high unemployment rate of about 9.8%. Alvarez is running on the platform of “putting people first” and vows to be the people’s candidate. “This isn’t about me and it isn’t about my opponent. This election is about our values, our priorities, and our future as a state,” says Alvarez.

John Paul Alvarez is a high school teacher, coach, and community leader in the city of Palm Bay. He is a native Floridian, University of Central Florida graduate, and a tutor for English language learners. He is first generation American; his family comes from the island of Cuba.

John is running in the newly drawn House District 53, which is an open seat with no incumbent. It is essentially the southern half of Brevard County and includes it’s largest city of Palm Bay – which surpasses Orlando in land area. Along with Palm Bay, the cities of Melbourne, West Melbourne, and many smaller towns are also included. He is running on a platform that includes: job growth and economic development, education reform, equality, and protecting citizens from unfair taxes and unfair insurance rates.

The breakdown of registered voters for House District 53 is as follows:

  • Gender: 46% Male (46,853)  54% Female (53,981)
  • Race/Ethnicity: 76% White, 12% African-American, 7% Hispanic, 5% Other
  • Political Party: 38% Democratic, 37% Republican 24% Independent


House District 53 has voted 54% for Alex Sink in 2006, and 49.1% for Barack Obama in 2008. It is a district that John Paul Alvarez can win with enough financial resources and volunteers. “I will win this seat because of support within my district, and outside of my district. This is a state race, and I welcome any support from people all over Florida,” says Alvarez. “We have a fundraiser in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday August 18th, and like that one I am also looking for people to host fundraisers in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa.”

Endorsements: Palm Bay Police FOP Lodge 111, Palm Bay Professional Firefighters Local 2446, National Education Association, Brevard Federation of Teachers, Space Coast AFL-CIO, and Florida AFL-CIO.

For more information on John Paul Alvarez, please visit www.JohnAlvarez2012.com. Alvarez can be reached at John@JohnAlvarez2012.com

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