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Senator Paula Dockery

District 15

Personal Biography

Senator Paula Dockery  – has proven o be a champion for the taxpayers of Florida, skillfully marshalling bi-partisan consensus for legislation of significant impact to Floridians. A University of Florida B.A. and M.A. alumna, Senator Dockery worked in the insurance industry before focusing her leadership skills on a career in public service. Elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1996, she served as State Representative for six years in the positions of House Majority Whip, Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee and Chair of General Government Appropriations. Elected to Senate District 15 in 2002 and subsequently re-elected, Senator Dockery has served twice as Senate Majority Whip and is currently in her second assignment as Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee.

Senator Dockery’s success in establishing significant environmental policy began in the House, where she was the primary sponsor of the Florida Forever Act, which succeeded Preservation 2000 to become the popular land acquisition program for the preservation of environmentally sensitive lands for this decade. Named Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine for the creation of the Water Sustainability and Protection Act (SB 444), she showcased her ability to bring diverse groups together to reach a common goal. SB 444 provided model legislation for the country by reaching consensus on critical policy for Florida’s water supply while considering the needs of the environmental and agricultural communities, developers, water management districts, and local governments. Senator Dockery also contributed the solar energy systems incentive component to the Florida Energy Act of 2006
(SB 888).

A stalwart defender of law enforcement and public safety, Senator Dockery shepherded to passage the Anti-Murder Act of 2007, which created a system for identifying potentially dangerous probation violators, requiring them to return to jail until the court determines whether they pose a danger to the community. Appointed to serve as the Vice Chair of the National Conference of State Legislatures Transportation Committee for the 2008-2009 Conference year, she worked on research for potential legislation affecting multi-modal transportation, including railroads, air, water and motor vehicles. For the past two years, Senator Dockery has assembled and led a bipartisan coalition to defeat costly rail liability legislation intended to benefit a corporate special interest at great taxpayer expense.

Senator Dockery has received over 70 awards of appreciation during her tenure in both the House and Senate from Environmental groups such as Audubon, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Florida Oceans Alliance and Trust for Public Lands; Agricultural groups such as Florida Farm Bureau, Florida Cattleman’s Association and Florida Forestry Association; Business groups such as Florida Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Florida, Associated Builders and Contractors and the Florida Ports Council and Governmental groups such as Florida Association of Counties, Florida League of Cities, School District of Osceola County and Florida Parks and Recreation Association.

She is a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and resides in Lakeland with her husband of 20 years, C.C. “Doc” Dockery.

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2 thoughts on “Senator Paula Dockery (R)

  1. do you have anything to do with this union? they are representing the brevard county florida tax collector employees. i have been a strong union member since i was a kid, joining my first union back in 1975. i’ve been on strike three times with various unions because i see the need for them. and i have fought for and supported any union drive i’ve ever been close to.

    before i moved out of florida for a new employment opportunity, i fought to get a union installed for those tax collector employees who were living under no union, no contract, no employee handbook, no written rules, the lowest wages in the state, and who were at the mercy of the tax collector who had little tolerance for anything other than rules he dictated from his throne.

    so now the tax collector employee have a union, they signed on with the Coastal Florida Public Employees Association to represent them. i thought all was well until my wife went back to florida and touched bases with a former co-worker who is in that union. what i heard made me ashamed that i ever pushed for, fought for, and supported that union drive!

    union employees are not allowed to talk with anyone in human resources. what they have to do is take their issues up with their supervisor and that supervisor will discuss their concerns with HR. how about an employee with 175 hours of sick leave saved up who went out for surgery and was ordered to report back to work after two days or be forced onto taking the family medical leave act in which case she apparently wouldn’t get paid through her sick leave *and i’m not sure what other ramifications that entails). isn’t that what sick leave is for, to use when you’re sick and need to recuperate? i don’t even know you but i know as a union member you wouldn’t stand for that. oh, and guess who their union steward is? it’s their supervisor. how’s that for a conflict of interest? so how in the hell do you make any complaints about your job or take up issues against supervision when your supervisor is the one supposedly representing you? you can’t do so effectively.

    if and when i move back to florida, and that may be soon, unless some union official looks into this embarrassment on unions everywhere and speaks with the employees rather than management/stewards, i’m going to fight and campaign to remove that union or at minimum talk to members about dropping out – because from everything i’ve heard they were and are so much better off going it alone. and for the record, i never in my wildest dreams thought i’d ever say that someone is better off being non union – but there it is.

    when i asked what benefits the union members have gained through their union affiliation, nobody can tell me, and this should not be so! they should hail their union and boast on what unions have done for them so that others will want such representation. but because they are now under stalinist rule, what message does that send to those union employees? how about to their families, friends, neighbors who know they fought for union representation? and everyone that those people talk with about it will hear the same horror stories with embellishments. so tell me then, how can unions spread when union membership breeds fear rather than glorious benefits? it will turn people away from unions rather than draw them to them.

    please have someone investigate that union, starting with speaking to represented employees to find out what the hell is going wrong there. and please do so without supervision being present – even if they are union members – they can be met with on their own so that employees won’t feel intimidated into not speaking up or speaking honestly.

    thanks for anything you can do to bring honor back to the unions that suffer enough from outside influences and should never be suffering under union representation.

    k r mcclelland
    iam union member

    • K R McClelland

      No we’re not a union, but rather a social grassroots organization created to educate, unite, advocate, and seek political change in the interests of all Working Class Floridians.

      In our unity we are the mojority and together we have the power to protect the interests of tose who serve the public.

      Robert Asencio, President
      Florida Public Employees

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