Senator Mike Fasano (R) Responds to Judge’s Ruling Against Prison Privatization


Senator Mike Fasano, District 11 — Press Release


September 30, 2011

CONTACT: Greg Giordano, 727-848-5885

State Senator Mike Fasano (R) applauds the decision by Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford declaring Florida’s attempt to privatize a portion of the state’s prison system unconstitutional.  The provision, placed into the state budget via proviso language, authorized the privatization of 30 prisons.  Senator Fasano was a vocal opponent of this effort and spoke against the attempt during the 2011 session of the Florida Legislature.

“I applaud the judge for her wise decision to declare the attempt at privatizing these prisons unconstitutional,” Senator Fasano states.  “The Florida Legislature should not be making major policy decisions by inserting last minute proviso language into the budget, thus circumventing the committee process.  An issue as important as prison privatization should have been given the chance for thoughtful debate in the substantive committees that oversee this issue.”

“I congratulate the hard working correctional officers who have scored a major victory with this ruling,” Senator Fasano continues.  “These fine individuals, who put their lives at stake each day as they run Florida’s prisons, deserve the ruling that has been handed down today.”

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