Senator Dockery & Representative Steinberg File Citizens’ Veto Legislation

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Citizens' Veto Legislation


January 5, 2012

Senator Dockery & Representative Steinberg File Citizens’ Veto Legislation

Tallahassee, FL — Senator Paula Dockery (R-Lakeland) and Representative Richard L. Steinberg (D-Miami Beach) are sponsoring legislation to provide Florida citizens with the right to veto certain legislation.  About half the states in the nation currently provide their citizens with a “citizens’ veto.”  Florida does not.

Senate Joint Resolution 1490 and House Joint Resolution 1231 are modeled after other states’ citizens’ veto bills that allow the citizens of those states to veto certain types of legislation.   The citizens’ veto could not be applied to expenses of the state or emergency laws necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety.

“Like many states, Florida should afford its citizens the opportunity to reject legislation that they deem detrimental to the State,” said Representative Steinberg.  “In a democracy, it is the citizens who should have the final word on whether to accept or reject a law.”

“Constituents reach out to me on a daily basis expressing frustration with the maze that is the legislative process,” said Senator Dockery. “In this political climate, the bulk of the power is held by wealthy special interests. This joint resolution would place that power where it rightly belongs: into the hands of the citizens.”

To read the full text of the joint resolution, click here:

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