Scott Walker’s Visit And The National Agenda

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Scott Walker

February 9, 2012

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker (soon to be ousted Governor, Scott Walker) was called into an investigation involving 5 of his immediate subordinates in his county office prior to his election to Governor. As reported by the Miami Herald, the charges are felonies which include stealing money from veterans and felony misconduct counts for “to raise funds or otherwise work on political campaigns or use their public workspaces to do so.” Shortly thereafter, Scott Walker ran and was elected as Governor. Recently, over a half of a million certified signatures were turned in by Wisconsin’s citizens who have had enough of the ultra-conservative Walker. The group that collected the signatures states that it has over a million signatures. That is an incredibly hard rebuke for one of the “golden children” of the Republican/Tea party elite.

Now comes Mr. Walker to Naples, Fl where he is openly engaged in a fund raising effort for his fight against the citizens’ initiative in Wisconsin. Met with protests of over 200 Floridians and Wisconsiners alike, Mr. Walker unabashedly sought dollars from Florida interests to deal with a purely Wisconsin issue. If there is anything that should indicate a national “group effort” of the Rep/Tea party elite, it is this. Mr. Walker comes to the home town of our Governor, Rick Scott to raise funds for his defense to defeat his own citizens’ grass roots efforts to throw him out. Hardly a random place to just show up and ask for money!

Both our governor and Mr. Walker share horribly similar agendas toward the dismemberment of the public employee and draconian ideas to curb the foothold (what little there is left) of America’s working class. It is clear by both actions and polls; it just isn’t going their way. Unified voices of over a million of Wisconsin’s citizens have spoken against the violation against their right to assemble and unionize. The aggressive attacks against unions and the portrayal of unions as the source of all of America’s ills have not set well for the people of Wisconsin, let alone, here in Florida. Mr. Christie, another “golden child” is currently feeling a back lash of his own in New Jersey.

When the agenda by Gov. Scott is fueled by the outright lies of paying “excessive” costs for retirements and attempting to twist public opinion to their corner in the ongoing vilification of Florida’s public employees, it becomes clear that this National Agenda has EVERY working class citizen in its sights. The Governor’s intent to bifurcate the state supreme court is yet another “cute” piece of delusion that should have citizens grabbing their torches and pitch forks and making a mad dash to the governor’s mansion. It is clear that, as the Rep/Tea Party geniuses seek to manipulate bad “anti-worker” legislation through the system, they will need to “create” a new supreme court. And who will pick the justices on this new “civil supreme court”?

Why, Rick Scott, of course!

This same group has made its intentions known to call for a “Constitutional Convention” and renegotiate our U.S. Constitution. What would you think may be some of the items they would wish to deal with? Providing for more rights and liberties for Americans? Or, perhaps, it’s an attempt to redefine or outlaw worker’s organizations, labor protections, trade agreements or constraints, etc.? Our U.S. Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights were agonized over by the founding fathers to specifically prevent the aristocracy from ruling the masses as if they were some second class impoverished peoples. The Tea Party types and friends with their corporate supporters would like nothing more to set the clock back and revisit a standard of governance we fought independence from over 235 years ago.

Our state and our country have been wrecked by this group of singularly minded automatons that are quick to take oaths to their party instead of to their country and vacated their responsibility of representing their constituents. Their political remonstrance’s only amount to theater for the masses as those that control the purse strings really run the show and the politicians are their willing marionettes. Their form of leadership has polarized this nation into stagnation and the people are tired of it. Instead of viewing the “Occupy” movement as a sign of the failures of policies, the majority party continues to use ridicule and sarcasm in an attempt to minimize the message. The only problem is more of America is finally hearing the truth. And it isn’t coming from FOX news! It is coming from the hearts and souls of every hard working, taxpaying citizen that just wants to pursue their happiness as they watch their representatives and elected officials do everything but represent their interests. Just like Mr. Walker’s executive county team now under investigation. It appears that our elected “sovereigns” have a greater view of themselves than intended and need a little humble pie as the antidote. That comes in November. That choice is yours.

Joseph Mosca
Public Employee and Florida Taxpayer

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