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March 13, 2014

By: Libby Perez

Dear Friends:
As you know, I have been working with RollBackTolls.Com on some transportation issues since last year..  I figured out that Adolfo (my husband) and I pay at least $3,000 a year in transportation-related taxes and tolls not to mention my kids pay another $3,000 in tolls.  In addition $.53 of every gallon of gas you buy goes to Fed-State-Local taxes.  Florida is the fifth highest in transportation related costs.  We need to get this under control to protect our local and sunshine economy and that touches each and every one of you.
Therefore, we have gotten a few things done:
1.  MDX has not been able to bond or issue contracts for almost a year as a result of the noise we have made
2.  There is proposed legislation in both the House and Senate (if it makes it out of the House) in Tally
  a.  Imposes Debt Ceiling
  b. Requires vote by an elected board for toll hikes (County Commission)
  c. Imposes more frequent audits d. Requires MDX members to be Miami-Dade residents
3.  Public scrutiny of MDX and the Turnpike has increased.
4.  The Miami-Dade Delegation (Florida Reps and Senators) have engaged on this
5.  It’s official, MDX and the Turnpike folks don’t love us … but they are starting to understand that we are not going away
Big Government Tolling will continue to spend their way to prosperity and borrow their way out of debt if we don’t put the brakes on.
I am asking 2 things:
#1 Sign the petition supporting the legislation
#2  Forward this email to at least 10 friends with the simple message “I agree with RollBackTolls.Com. Please do this.”

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