Robert Asencio: Memorial Day 2016

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the lives of all Americans who have paid the ultimate price to secure peace and sovereignty for the United States. From the Revolutionary War in 1775 to World War II in 1940 to today’s Afghan Conflict, millions of American patriots have served their country valiantly, and many have given everything they could give to the prosperity of freedom and democracy. Today, we remember those who have given their lives for the country they love.

I am proud to have served alongside some of America’s remarkable patriots as a member of the US Army Reserves’ Special Operations community. I know every one of them—including myself—was willing to lay down their lives in the service of our great nation and the pursuit of freedom for all. All of us signed a contract, knowing the sacrifice we would have to make if called upon, and we had no reservations about giving all we had to give to the continuance of the American values and virtues we so cherished. So join me in celebration of those fallen individuals who are remembered for dedicating their hearts, minds, and bodies to the country they loved and believed in, and their loyalty to the idea of peace, freedom, and democracy at home and abroad.


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