Robert Asencio For State Representative – District 118

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Veteran, Police Officer and Union Member Robert Asencio has filed his candidacy as Democrat for Florida State Representative District 118.



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Kathryn Moore

Mr. Asencio is President and founder of Florida Public Employees and has served as a leader in the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the Treasure Seekers youth mentoring program, and the annual Democracy in the Americas Symposium ( a political moderate, Mr. Asencio’s candidacy presents the opportunity for a new kind of representation for the residents of the 118th District.“Everyone deserves a fair education, a decent job and the opportunity to prosper,” said Mr. Asencio. “Our government should help, not hinder personal and professional growth.”

Mr. Asencio, a moderate and former life long Republican, is running for the seat currently held by Mr. Frank Artiles. He releases the following statement:

My name is Robert Asencio and today, I take great honor in announcing my candidacy for State Representative in District 118, my home for over 15 years.As your State Representative, I will change what has become the status quo in our district of legislating for the good of a few rather than the good of all.In announcing my candidacy, I declare my faith in the Florida that we all deserve, a Florida that offers the highest quality of public safety, education, employment opportunities, a Florida that is possible through honest public service, personal integrity and fiscal responsibility.

I am running because, like so many of you, I feel our legislators must be held accountable to the Floridians they serve.

I am running because we need representatives who understand the full consequences of their legislative actions on the citizens they serve and communities they live in.

I am running because I, like you, seek a positive change among those who are elected to serve us, a change that includes taking into account the needs of District 118, our great State and its people.

I am running on a pledge to bring about fair, well founded, common sense legislation that is researched based and driven by the public’s greatest needs.

I am running on the basis of my more than 30 years experience in public service and law enforcement.

I am running because my fellow citizens in District 118 and Florida deserve better.

As a moderate and former life long Republican who believes in fiscally responsible, efficiently run, well structured government that is essential to providing quality public services, I further commit to:

Collaborating with all who seek to improve the quality of life in Florida and its people,

Breaking from what has become the norm in Florida of legislating based on ideological beliefs and/or self-serving alliances, and

Serving for the good of all,

It’s time to break from the norm of counterproductive partisan politics and begin the process of working hard and working together for the good of all in District 118 and the State of Florida. Thank you.

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Mr. Asencio is available to discuss his key issues, including public safety, education, quality of life and economic growth. Please send all inquiries to

About District 118
Florida’s 118th House District stretches from Richmond North to Tamiami in southern Miami-Dade County and includes the communities of Kendale Lakes, Three Lakes, Country Walk and The Crossings.

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