Rick Scott – Tell The Truth About The FRS!

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The Florida pension is not a gift. The pensions are earned by teachers, firefighters, state workers and law-enforcement personnel.  When these people are hired, they are told that, although their salary is low, considering their education and/or training, as compared to the private sector.

Their real salary is more because of the pensi…on dollars going into their funds.  It is delayed compensation. This delayed compensation actually costs the districts, counties and state less, over time, than it would to pay a more equitable salary. To say that state workers, educators, firefighters and law enforcement do not contribute to the pension plan is wrong.  The rhetoric that these workers do not contribute to the pension fund angers many in the general public.  The public relations campaign, saying these workers do not contribute, is not only untruthful, it is demoralizing and demeaning.

PATTY COLLINGS –  Winter Haven

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