Rick Scott “Let’s Get To Work!”…Destroying The Public Employee!

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Privatization is the way of life. There is no need for any good to be accessible to the public. Education? If one can afford it. Health-care? Pay it or die. Oxygen? See health-care response for more details.. The privatization movement has been picking up steam in Fascist circles for a long time now. The desire to make a life a for profit enterprise is something that is deeply rooted within the Right. Privatizing in effect does two things. First and foremost it lines the pocket with some “Benjamin’s”. The second thing it does is that it allow for those in power the ability to pick and choose, who gets access to what service.

Profit. To many people it is a joyous thing, to the right is is the life blood of America. In Orlando for instance one can see how companies everywhere look for the dollar ( the theme parks for example). Privatizing is also making a jump in all facets of health-care.

[1]Tea Party overlord Rick Scott recently proposed a way to privatize hospitals; in his words. “It is the intent of this administration to develop a more rational approach to compensating hospitals,”

What Scott means by rational compensation basically boils down to no more government or public hospitals, instead everything should be purely a for profit enterprise. Rick Scott is only a microcosm of the major problem. Nationwide the Fascist right has been on a privatization kick since the [2] Reagan era, when he started railing against government and calling it the problem, after him, many of his disciples have been following this plan right down to the very core.

Having everything run by a private company also brings an advantage that is very rarely mentioned. Government laws mainly relate to protection of the people when it comes to access to public things. A big driver besides a profit motive in privatization has to do with an issue of racial or prejudice in general. This is attributed to the fact that a lot of anti discrimination legislation usually protects individual from being discriminated against when it comes to public access to different facilities or even types of employment. Privatization is also a catalyst for crony-ism. In most government employment currying favors for your friends or types of people that you feel comfortable with and like is generally not easy to do. However that being said privatization opens up a whole Pandora’s box of problems. The reason being that in a private sort of enterprise one can always go with those they feel comfortable with.

Privatization is terribly dangerous. This is a concept that needs to be fought again because while in some business it has legitimate purpose, when it comes to government and the public facilities and functions that are available to the people are jeopardized, then it is something that is truly a problem. Government is for the people by the people not to serve the interest of a few who control the wealth, otherwise it would just be an outright Fascism. These are dangerous time which requires the people to stand up in fight for example Florida had rallies against Scott and his quest to privatize everything.

Courtesy of  Mr. Alberto Pupo – Orlando Political Buzz Examiner

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