Rick Scott And Politicians Receive A Grade of “F” from Educators In Miami-Dade County

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Florida Public Employees

FFebruary 8, 2014

By: Joe Hernandez

If educators could have a way to grade politicians on education, the grade would be an “F”.

How could this be?

For starters, remember when Rick Scott promised every educator would receive a bonus of $2,500?  [It] Never happened.

Remember when he promised he would increase education funding?  Well, he decreased it and then replaced the funding and called it an increase. The Republican party claims that Charlie Crist flip flops.  Educators are tired and are burning out. There is no more juice to squeeze from the oranges folks.

Funding for education in Florida is pitiful!

The last rankings in per-pupil funding had us at 47th in the nation. Yet, our educators are producing excellent students who can take FCAT exams.  Is this what education is about?  Excellent test takers.  Yes sir, we are number two at test taking in the nation!

The politicians are illiterates when it comes to education and what really helps a child learn individually.  We are producing children who will only be another “brick in the wall”.  The educators, working with the parents need to be the ones in charge, not the politicians.  To add insult to injury, the original 2500.00 promised to educators became a paltry $1040.00 before taxes!  This money was to be distributed before Christmas, so that educators could have some money for the holidays, at the very least.

Did this happen?  Nope.  No respect for educators here.

Finally, on Friday 2/7/14, pay day, 20,000 educators were to receive Rick Scott’s promised bonus pay!  Amount before taxes, $895.40 to $250.00. Our only savior was the union to correct this error.  They jumped in and made the school system correct the error.  No apologies from the school system received to date.  Educators will have to wait another two weeks to make up the paltry difference.  Educators, who on average spend around $4000.00 of their own money on school supplies to provide students with materials, clothing, and would you believe even sometimes pay for students’ own lunches so they will have something to eat?

Yes, I have seen this, you, the pubic and politicians have not. Leave teaching to the educators. Protect them and reward them. Do not insult them and make false promises that demoralize them. Wake up every one!

Teachers and the “teaching career” is in crises mode.

The Republican Agenda is to turn our public education system into “the Walmart’s” of tomorrow.  Is that what you want our education system to be? What ever happened to a “free and equal education for all” provided by highly trained educators?

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