Rep. Rehwinkel Vasilinda To File Repeal of Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery Law

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August 2, 2013

Nuclear-Cost-Recovery-LawBy: Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – State Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda plans to once again file a bill to repeal section 366.93 of Florida Statutes and put an end to Florida’s controversial Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery law (ANCR). ANCR was passed by the Florida Legislature in 2006 and allows power companies to charge their ratepayers up front for the future planning and construction of nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, Duke Energy announced yesterday (August 1) that it will no longer utilize ANCR funding for its Levy nuclear project – effectively killing the project while keeping over $1.5 billion dollars already collected for the project through ANCR.*“This will be the fourth year that I will have filed this bill, and every year that passes the public outcry grows louder for the repeal of this regressive energy policy. I am hopeful that this year the Legislature will finally pay heed to the citizens’ call for the elimination of Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery,” said Representative Rehwinkel Vasilinda.Unlike many forms of renewable energy, nuclear power demands heavy capital investment, currently achieved through ANCR. The average Central Florida family now pays $3.45 extra per month in ANCR fees. Many ratepayers use much more energy than the average, thus paying many more dollars per month to subsidize the utility companies’ investment in nuclear power plants that may not ever be built. “Due to the monopoly that a few powerful utility companies have over the energy industry in this state, the advanced nuclear cost recovery scheme amounts to an outrageous subsidy to these few and a hidden tax on too many of Florida’s families. In addition, it unlevels the playing field for smaller companies that have innovative energy solutions to offer consumers,” said Representative Rehwinkel Vasilinda.“On August 11 of 2009, when the Levy nuclear project was under review, I testified in front of Governor Crist and the rest of the Cabinet about the dangers of this anti-consumer scheme. Now it has come to pass that Duke Energy, through the Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery law, will be allowed to keep the billions of dollars that ratepayers paid upfront even though they have now scrapped the Levy nuclear project. That simply does not comport with our American value of fair play. The time has come to repeal the Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery law,” said Representative Rehwinkel Vasilinda.

*The Public Service Commission will be meeting on Monday, August 5 to consider issues related to ANCR.

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