Public Employees Sharing His Thoughts – The National “Fiscal Cliff”

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November 13, 2012

As posted on the Florida Public Employees Facebook page, John Hendrick expresses his thoughts on what’s needed next

By: John Hedrick

Hi Folks:

With the elections concluded, 3 things appear larger now on the radar.

First the “fiscal cliff”: No one wants to have immediate austerity imposed which would significantly increase unemployment (according to the Congressional Budget Office), which is what would occur without a deal, and most everyone understands there will be some compromise necessary by everyone to get a deal done, but given the President won both the popular and electoral votes, the Senate moved somewhat more Democratic and the House, while still Republican, is somewhat less so, it would seem that any deal would be more strongly toward what the President/the Democrats have proposed.

Second, both in Florida and nationally, it would seem that election and campaign finance reform have risen as issues to be resolved.

Finally, Sandy gave us a not so subtle reminder that we still need to move on climate change and the quicker the better.

That’s my first take of what needs to happen next.

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