Public Employees Sacrifice While Miami-Dade County Public Schools Builds Cash Reserves, At Their Expense

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January 26, 2013
The irony of this editorial statement is the fact it sums up the plight of many of Florida Public Employees – serving the public is becoming cost prohibitive for us.
By: Brian, a dedicated police veteran and proud FOP, Lodge #133 member

Over the last few years we have all done our part to save the school district money. We have sacrificed a lot. I don’t know about anyone else, but my gross salary has been in a steady decline. After ten challenging years, my base salary is $41,180. Other comparable departments start their rookies higher.

What a joke!

When I was hired in 2002, we had a 220 officer department with plenty of opportunity for overtime and in-service trainings. Over the past few years, we were lucky to maintain a 150 officer department. We were assured that if we just “ride on the bus” we would be rewarded.  We have been spread thin, which in turn put our own safety at risk. We did not complain. In service training has been fatally cut. Still, we did not complain. We were “riding that bus” for our reward. Our overtime was shredded and most late calls were charged as comp time instead of overtime. Still, we did not complain. All this was occurring and the school district has been building up its enormous cash reserves.

Every day I wear a bullet resistant vest, wear a gun on my hip, and dedicate my life to proactively preventing violent crimes at our schools. We literally put our lives on the line every day whether we are conducting traffic enforcement, removing weapons from our schools, or running code 3’s.

Well, years have gone by and it is now time to collect our reward. It is no longer acceptable for us to be treated with disrespect.

We have been picked on for years as a small sized union. It’s time for this union, however minority in number, to stand up and push back!

I can’t wait to start our campaign – of working to unite my fellow officers, Public Employees and Floridians for the good of all!


Brian –

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