Press Release: Little Michael Gonzalez To VIsit Miami Children’s Hospital

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January 4, 2013

By: Help Save Little Michael Gonzalez Coalition

MEDIA ALERT: Michael Gonzalez and his parents will be at Miami Childrens Hospital at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 4, available for interviews.

 State firefighter’s toddler son fights for his own life after allergic reaction to Medical Food

Michael Gonzalez, 3, did not have any Christmas candy. No chocolate Santas for this Lehigh Acres boy.

But he is used to it. He thinks ice is a treat.

The toddler son of a state firefighter can’t eat anything at all except one thing. He was born with FPIES, a severe allergy to all foods, and has survived his entire life on a particular formula, Neocate  Junior unflavored.

Now, even that can pose a problem.

In November, Michael began having allergic reactions to the formula produced after May 01 of 2012, when the company altered the ingedients of a different product Nueocate Nutra. He is not alone. There are other children with medical conditions suffering reactions from this same product. The family is asking the company to fix the formula and seeking other remedies – before time runs out for Michael.

“You cannot imagine our shock to find out he was reacting to his only safe food,” said his mother, Jennifer Gonzalez, who is a nursing student to better understand his medical needs.

“If we don’t have the cans made prior to May, he will die, there is no doubt in my mind,” Jennifer Gonzalez said.

The family will consult with a new genetics specialist at Miami Children’s Hospital Friday, Jan. 4, to get a fresh expert’s look at Michael’s condition – and prognosis.

A coalition of local community groups has united to raise awareness for Michael and others like him and help the family with their needs. They include Florida Public Employees Partnership; Florida State Fire Service Association, Local S-20;  the Law Offices of James Spears, PPLC;  the Law Firm of Bichler, Kelly, Oliver and Longo, PPLC; LULAC South Florida, Council #7236; and

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Elaine de Valle at 786-853-8724. More information is at and and connect with Michael’s family on Facebook

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