Preeminent Law Firm in the State of Florida Representing First Responders, and All Public Employees

Law firm of Bichler, Kelly, Oliver, and Longo provides unmatched legal services to Florida public employees.Bichler, Kelley, Oliver & Longo is proud to continue its affiliation with FPE, as the preeminent law firm in the State of Florida representing first responders, and now all public employees, with injury and disability claims. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the firm has built a reputation on skillful and aggressive representation of injured and disabled first responders.

Now the firm has expanded, in partnership with FPE, to provide that same quality representation to all public employees. “We are thrilled with this opportunity to empower more public employees who find themselves injured or disabled due to accidents and injuries” said Geoff Bichler, the senior partner and founding member of the firm. “FPE is perfectly positioned to become an important factor in Florida politics due to its unique focus on all public employees, not just a narrow segment like most unions” Bichler continued. “We share the vision of FPE that public employees, and the middle class more generally, must be protected from unchecked special interests that threaten the very fabric of our nation. Our firm prides itself on our proven track record, and our ability to secure justice for our clients through relentless and tireless advocacy.”

As part of the Bichler/Kelley partnership with FPE all qualified members will be entitled to the following:

1. Free consultation with all accident and injury claims (workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, etc.);

2. Free consultation regarding all labor disputes (discrimination, retaliation/whistle blower, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, etc.);

3. Free consultations for all pension claims/disputes (FRS, 175/185 plans);

4.. Significant reductions in fees in personal injury claims (25% pre-suit and 33% post complaint) which will save members potentially thousands in every case;

5. No fees or costs in any injury claim unless a recovery is made (this includes personal injury, workers’ compensation, and social security).

A significant portion of all profits for the firm go to fund charitable and political causes that benefit first responders and now all Florida public employees. Call toll free 1-(866) 245-8977 for a free consultation today.

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