Politicians and Rich Guys Want Common Core; Everyone Else, Not So Much

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Common_CoreDecember 20, 2013

By  – Scathing Purple Musings

There’s always been something for everyone to hate about Common Core. Alonzo Weston from the St. Joseph News-Press talked to a Missouri parents group who have a handle on the entire boondoggle.

The Common Core learning standard is more than just an initiative to align testing curriculum across state lines — it’s detrimental to education as a whole.

That’s the belief of Jill Noble and her group, Concerned Women for America of Missouri. Ms. Noble, education coordinator and spokeswoman for the group, spoke to an audience of about 40 people inside the East Hills Library auditorium Wednesday night. She talked about the harm the new curriculum will not only cause children, but society.

The standards are designed to help students graduating from high school be better prepared to enter two- or four-year college programs or the work force. The standards are considered rigorous, in that they require students to learn one or two levels above their current grade level.

“Making third graders do sixth grade work, that’s not rigorous, that’s stupid,” Ms. Noble told the group. She added that Common Core also is developmentally inappropriate.

“They’re taking first, second and third grade students and forcing them to do fourth, fifth and sixth grade work. That’s reckless. These students are still in the operational phase of their development,” she said.

Ms. Noble began her slide presentation with a still from the TV show “Leave it to Beaver.” And for more than two hours, she showed slides that, according to her, demonstrated how Common Core was an attempt to fail public schools, make them all charter schools and where eventually, school districts would lose local control. The districts would then be controlled by the federal government, with each state becoming one super district.

Ms. Noble said there’s already reports in places like New York City, were children are suffering extreme stress from the new standards.

“They spoke of kids getting PTSD,” she said.

Common Core will eventually do away with teacher tenure, she said, as the standards will be tied to teacher performance. It’s also a “dumbing down” of education, she said.

“They’re not teaching academic-based learning, but training them to serve the global economy in jobs selected by a workforce board,” she said.

Ms. Noble also said they replaced the old reading list with more Islamic text. That’s the result of the books being published by a company partially funded by Libyan resources.

“Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology,” she said.

Students would lose their personal freedom, as tools to track student movements and facial expression will be tabulated in the testing. Information like mental and physical health, and student conduct would be recorded and reported.

At one point she even played a short snippet of the Beatles’ “Revolution” as part of her presentation.

Mike Gertsema, who attended the presentation, said he was concerned about Common Core, not so much for his children, but for his grandchildren.

“I think it will be detrimental,” he said.

There were 46 states that adopted the Common Core standards this year. Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska and Texas opted out of the standards.

Valerie Strauss’ disturbing report yesterday that Maryland’s governor was taking over the role as fiscal agent for PARCC “as a favor to President Obama” is further evidence that the ruling class is all-in on Core. Meanwhile, the CEO of Exxon Mobil is sending veiled threatsto governors whose states are rethinking Core. Politicians and rich guys want Core. Everyone else, not so much.

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