Parent Trigger Now Brings Division Among the Same Parents Who Won in California

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January 8, 2013,

Originally published: January 1, 2013

By: Bob Sikes – Scathing Purple Musings

Several Florida republican lawmakers went to the mat for Parent Trigger last March and it’s widely predicted it will be back this year. Jeb Bush has vowed that it will. Existing in only a handful of states, Parent Trigger has been successfully used just once. After ripping a community apart, it appears that there’s division among the parents who won their Parent Trigger effort in Adelanto, California. Writes Victoria Daily Press reporter Lynnea Lombardo:

Two of the original five filers of the “Parent Trigger” lawsuit against Adelanto School District were voted out of the Desert Trails Parent Union’s steering committee, according to the group’s lead organizer, Joe Morales.

Morales said that Kathy Duncan and Olivia Zamarripa were ousted because they are in favor of seeking financial compensation through the lawsuit in the midst of the school’s transition to a charter academy.

However, other members dispute this report, stating the women resigned from their DTPU posts.

Recently referred to as “bitter, divisive and protracted” the Desert Trails episode is  demonstrating that even after getting their way, dysfunction continues to rule among parents.  The instrument of the dysfunction is Parent Revolution who are funded byseveral pro-charter school billionaire philanthropic groups. Jeb Bush praised their efforts at a recent DC summit. The group had a free run at the Florida legislature in March and their version of events was the only one heard. They won’t go unchallenged this year. One wonders if Bush is either blind to what really happened in Adelanto or doesn’t care.

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