“No soup for YOU”

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“No soup for You” Facing American Households

August 29, 2012

By: Natasha Jordan

Not only is it now “No soup for YOU,” it’s no jobs for you either.

Life for millions will plunge into poverty.

Here’s where we are at the crossroads in this election, the election that I see as the most important one of my lifetime.  I am sorry, but, the Republican rhetoric is just so wrong on many issues.

The Romney/Ryan tax-cut proposal would do very little for the middle class, yet will give even larger tax breaks to the wealthy.  The fact is, the CBO said that it will actually increase the deficit $4.1 trillion. Have you read it or have you just jumped on board, blindly believing what they say?  This “path to prosperity” does not include you, or even me for that matter.

Now, just think about the working millions across this country that stand to lose that $3000 tax cut that President Obama gave to us.  Even if you happen to make just under $250,000 in income, that tax break is gone.  Yes, that’s also on the GOP chopping block, along with all of the other tax breaks you have been using to make ends meet in your life, including your mortgage interest deduction, will disappear.  Are you still happy with this plan?

Now think about the additional tax cuts to the very wealthy would be in lost revenue for our country, you know – those so-called “job creators” that have not created any jobs in the USA?

Then ask yourself, why is my tax rate higher than theirs?  Why are we bearing the brunt on keeping the country running, taking away the things we already still pay and have paid for, when all they do is pass laws that only benefit the very few?  What happened to no taxation without representation?  “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” said James Otis, Jr. who was a lawyer in colonial Massachusetts, a member of the Massachusetts provincial assembly.  He was an early advocate of the Patriot views against British injustice that led to the American Revolution.  His catchphrase became the basic Patriot position.

If they want to go back in time, why are we not going back to that basic principle?

Deregulation does not create jobs. It’s actually quite the opposite in fact. Regulation of coal plants for example – created massive amounts of jobs to curtail pollution and improve the health of more than 200 million people.  Mercury is not a vitamin, unless the Republicans added that and I missed it somehow, like when they classified pizza in schools as a vegetable! Regulations on banks are to protect the people and OUR money, not the banks ability to screw us out of more of what is ours, by charging excessive fees or the ability to put our money backed by FDIC insured at risk.  Yet, they did exactly that, banks closed due to zero oversight and regulation.  Where is the outrage for this from the right?  We all should be asking this question and why they, along with the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers pushing for even less oversight and protection for the consumers.  Those banks failed, and we pay for it with our tax dollars. The workers lose their jobs and the CEO’s walk away with millions. Yet, the GOP plan on creating even more deregulation that got us into this mess in the first place.

Finding ways to curtail union rights is not helping the citizens. Yes, there is a stigma attached to unions. No, they are not perfect.  However, all of the things that you have come to enjoy and take for granted were all created by union workers.  Paid holidays, weekends off, a 40 hour work week, overtime pay, breaks, vacation pay, safer working conditions, less discrimination and many more things that would be hard to lose.  Some of you have these things right now where you work.  Many have lost a few of these things and there is a strong push all across this country to remove more of the protections and benefits we have.  The plan is to remove all collective bargaining.  END it, period. No say for you.  No rights.  No recourse.

The Romney/Ryan plan, for those who have not read it, includes the firing 500,000 teachers, cops, and firefighters in 2013.  How does this plan help our communities?  The very thing that they all campaigned on on 2010. “Jobs, jobs, jobs” was some sort of mystical creature.  Where are those jobs they promised for your vote?  All I see are job cuts on the state level.

The Republicans think that there are too many on Welfare and there are.  We have the worst recession since the great depression – yet, somehow this issue has suddenly become the biggest problem, when it is not.  The economy is recovering, and over time, less will be using that system.  That’s how it is suppose to work.  What they fail to grasp is that with all of the obstruction in their absolute quest to get the President out, it is at the cost of our country hurting the very people they swore to protect, peoples lives.  They have no intention of even letting any job bills get enough votes to even be heard on the house floor for a vote. TWO-HUNDRED FORTY-ONE filibusters since our President took office, more than any other in the history of any other Presidency.  In spite of all of the Republican ruled states making massive cuts in jobs, we are recovering.  Don’t think for for second that your job is safe or immune. The less people have to spend will effect your business or your employer.  WE are the job creators.  We buy those products and services with our money.  If we don’t, their business fails. Yes, it is that simple.

For me personally, our President has accomplished a great deal of many good things.  He is by no means perfect.  But, he is fair and wants what is best for the American workers and families who have the right to be represented and protected, not just the “chosen few.”  I don’t see that happening on the other side.  I see laws being made on the state level that hurt all of us personally.  I see state governments under Republican rule going out of their way to impose laws that do nothing to enhance our quality of life only curtail it.  This is not the party of my parents anymore. It is the GOP of today – the party of greed, oppression and poverty. Republican leaders are calling for the people to bear arms if President Obama is reelected.  The outright hatred being expressed for people with dark skin.  Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner verbally stating that he hopes black and Hispanics stay home and don’t vote.  When did political correctness end and it became war on the citizens of this country?

We will lose the protections put in place to keep our children from being denied health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions and lose that same protection for the rest of us, which will go into effect in 2014.  Our seniors will lose the $4.1 billion in savings that they have already benefited from.  Anyone under 55 years-old will not have Medicare, but, will get a voucher for $6000 towards paying for private health insurance.  Do the math, Social Security is average $12,000 per year, the projected out of pocket costs with a voucher system is $6,400.  That will leave our elderly, including myself and many with pre-existing conditions to try and live on less than $500 per month.  For those of you that have the luxury of a pension still, you are the luckier ones, luckier than the millions of people who do not have that as even an option where they work. For the rest of us, we will be in poverty – unable to even pay the rent.  And please don’t tell me the hyperbole that President Obama cut Medicare.  Obama indeed directed $716 billion away from future Medicare spending, that money will be used to provide coverage for the uninsured under the Affordable Care Act.  It is cut in the rate of Medicare growth by reducing the reimbursements paid to health care providers and insurers.  Those providers and insurers agreed to the lower reimbursement idea when the health care overhaul was being discussed in exchange for the likelihood of more customers under the law’s mandatory insurance provision. A savings of $716 billion.

It has zero effect on care or cuts in service and what the GOP is saying is in fact, an outright lie.  The fact is, they are using that very same projection in their own figures.

You can still be a Republican, but, how can you honestly get behind any of these ideas?  How can you constantly vote against your own best interests?  Please don’t tell me you want “limited government”, as laws are being passed that increase that very thing. My reproductive health is not limited government. It is a very private and personal issue to millions of women. What we decide for our own health care between ourselves, our families and our doctors.  Contraception is an issue that effects your wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt, and daughters.  My daughters.  We have different biological requirements, and why are we being regulated as if we are cattle and can’t make those decisions for ourselves?  We are called names that demean us, yet men get to keep their Viagra and the like?  Before the Affordable Health Act, being a woman was a pre-existing condition.  Thanks to our President, that changed.

I would love to know how and why you think these Republican ideas are good for the citizens and the benefit of all of the country?  Citizens who worked their whole lives, paying into something that they plan on taking away from millions of people.  Taking away the thousands I have paid into my whole working career.  Millions more will plunge into poverty if the Republicans win this election.  They have no solution, only making drastic cuts to the safety net that is less than 12% of the total Federal budget.  There’s the clincher right there.
Most think welfare is a “black” issue, when the fact is that the majority are white people using this safety net. Your neighbor is using this after losing their job. Your son or daughter, sister or brother is.  Faces you see everyday.  Communities and families devastated.

Friends of my children that come over to my house, who tell me how they have little food at home where their family has $500 per month in income or only unemployment insurance and “had” $470 per month in SNAP benefits which have been cut starting September 1, 2012, down to $420.  Could you survive?

The Republicans have successfully removed the very slight increase in benefits that yes, President Bush put in place.  The safety net is set on 1970’s value.  Surprise, here we are all the way in 2012.  Cash assistance in the state of Florida is a maximum of $234 per month, no matter how many are in your family and you can not have ANY resources at all to even get that tiny amount.  Forget paying rent or putting gas in the car. Poor people are not the problem with the deficit, yet they all claim that they are. Who will protect the most vulnerable in our society? Your vote showing your outrage at the extreme right turn your party has gone to, will help do just that.  Tell them NO MORE.  Vote the other way for the sake of everyone. Work on changing your party from within that values the citizens, not the wealthy who do not need more of our tax dollars. Four billion dollars per year to oil companies is the true welfare waste.  Fight against that welfare.  Do these oil companies care what we pay at the pump?  No.  They take our billions and still charge us whatever they want. They are not in the “what’s good for the people” business.  They pass laws that relax safety protections and refineries blow up, risking lives and we pay for that again.

Our country is not a “business” – it is and was put in place to benefit “WE THE PEOPLE.” The “government” should work for you. Government is necessary to the existence of civilized society. That is not socialism, that is not communism.

Look who is not being civil now?  It’s not my side.

Ignoring what is really happening to our democracy should sound the loudest alarm in all of us.  If it was the other way around – would you be more inclined to take action?  The poor are not going anywhere, there will just be more of them.

When are we going to stop letting our government make policy and law that only benefits the highest bidder?

Natasha Jordan

[One scared and angry American]

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