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Sun_SentinelSun Sentinel: Private flood insurance offerings grow, but not for cheap subsidized policies

South Florida homeowners concerned about the rising cost of their flood insurance are being encouraged by the state to find out whether a policy written by a private company can save them money.


florida-public-employees-create-grow-retain-jobsPensacola News-Journal: Create, grow, retain jobs is economic group’s main focus

With lofty expectations and relatively deep pockets, Pensacola’s new Community Economic Development Association’s board met Friday for the first time vowing to hit the ground running and create a regional identity that will probably change its name.


florida-public-employees-rick-scott-testingFlorida Today: Matt Reed: Test pain and fear, as intended

The tipping point was the very first bill Scott signed in 2011. Senate Bill 736 was loaded with scary standards for kids and even scarier rules for teachers. Scott signed it with an in-your-face flourish that burned tea partiers and unions alike.


News_JournalDaytona Beach News Journal: Little agency a strong defender of open government

Ms. Sandy Matkivich has contacted the First Amendment Foundation expressing concerns regarding the city of West Palm Beach’s failure to comply with her public records request.


florida-public-employees-jim-greerNews-Press: Florida Republican Chairman’s tell-all memoir out

Anyone interested in political shenanigans, personal betrayals, campaign corruption and widespread scandal, all involving some of Florida’s most prominent politicians, can find more than enough in the new nonfiction memoir “The Chairman: The Rise and Betrayal of Jim Greer.”


News_Florida_Public_EmployeesREUTERS:  Obesity research takes high-tech twist at Florida school

Freshmen at Florida’s Lakewood High School lined up against gold and black gymnasium mats on Friday to have their height and weight measured, an assessment to launch a novel study on fighting teenage obesity with trendy new technology.



Tampa Bay Times: Amendment 1 promises to save Florida’s threatened lands

More than two decades after Florida identified the need to save disappearing forests south of Miami, shrinking hammocks in the Keys and other sensitive land around the state, environmentalists fed up with politics getting in the way of conservation are taking their fight to the people.


florida-public-employees-medical-marijuanaTallahassee Democrat: Marijuana amendment on the bubble of approval

Florida’s pending constitutional amendment that could allow the sale, purchase and use of medical marijuana is on the bubble of the voter support needed in November for it to be approved.


florida-public-employees-rick-scottGainesville.com: If re-elected, which Rick Scott will Florida get?

“It would be Rick Scott unchained,” former state Sen. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach, said about a potential second term for the Republican governor. “This last year has been Rick Scott on good behavior because he has to convince the electorate that he’s not the person they think he is.





florida-public-employees-governors-tough-racesBangor Daily News: LePage among 10 governors facing tough fights to stay in office

The most embattled collection of politicians this fall are neither members of the Senate nor the House. That distinction falls upon the nation’s governors. Compared with elected officials in Washington, incumbent governors are struggling disproportionately.


floirda-public-employees-news-briefThe Clarion-Ledger: Ala. public employees’ groups lose at state high court

The Alabama State Employees Association and Alabama Education Association have lost a lawsuit over a state law that cut off a major source of their funding for political activity.


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