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Jon Huntsman

January 9, 2011

“MiddleClassFightsBack” facebook page is officially endorsing Jon Huntsman for the Republican Primary ONLY. We at Middle Class Fights Back (MCFB) feel that during every election primary or general we will get together as a group and endorse candidates. Middle Class Fights Back is a non-partisan page with Democrat, Republican and Independent members that strive to FIGHT for the Middle Class. We are coming up on our year anniversary of starting this page and try to share news, opinions, blogs and any information we can for the benefit of the Middle Class. We now have 1849 members and feel by taking a stand, making an endorsement like a newspaper board, we may be able to help candidates that would be good to the Middle Class.

We are endorsing Jon Huntsman for the Presidential Primary Only and will decide the general endorsement when the time comes. Alot of people reading this note will wonder why we are encouraging our members to Vote for a candidate that is behind in the polls (at this time).

Here at MCFB we feel that we should endorse the BEST candidate in every race that will best serve the Middle Classes needs. We feel that by voting for Jon Huntsman, even if he may not win, we are showing that we support a candidate that has shown qualities and positions that we agree with. Two of our Page Adminatrors are Republicans and have been fans of Huntsman since early in the race (this does not mean he will get our endorsement in the general).

One of the key reasons we feel that Jon Huntsman is the best candidate happened during the Meet the Press debate. Mitt Romney attacked Huntsman for working as the ambassador to China under President Obama. Rather than “take the bait” and return fire, Huntsman pointed out that is the problem with Congress now is being unable to work with each other. Huntsman continued to point out that rather than running for office he stepped to the plate and regardless of working for a Democrat President as Romney felt, he was working “For the American People”, we agree. 160 Million Middle Class Americans were 10 days from being hurt by a “tax increase”. This was solely because of Republican/Democrat partisan politics (we blame the Republicans on this one). In order for our country to recover economically, there is no place for bickering and political games. A “Uniter” brings the parties together to do the right thing for the American people and that is what is needed. Huntsman has stayed on his message and has not spent time or money attacking the other candidates.

We also feel that rather than concentrate on Religion, Abortion, Sharia Law, etc as his key issues, he realizes that while those issues are important that they will not fix our economy. Our next President will have to be a unifier, able to work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in order to move the country forward. On Huntsman home page his slogan reads “Be a part of the solution”, we could not agree more. Below is an excerpt from Huntsman’s website www.jon2012.com

“Jon also has extensive foreign policy experience — a passion that was sparked at a young age. When he was 19, Jon embarked on a two-year mission trip to Taiwan, where he learned to speak Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkein. He was later named U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, becoming the youngest head of an American diplomatic mission in a century. As U.S. Trade Ambassador under President George W. Bush, Jon helped negotiate dozens of free trade agreements with Asian and African nations.

His commitment to service rises above partisan politics. Asked by President Obama in 2009 to serve his country once again, Jon was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as ambassador to China. He turned heads by shunning motorcades, preferring instead to ride his bicycle and interact with the Chinese people. As ambassador, he worked closely with American business owners to facilitate commerce in the growing Asian market, bringing jobs and capital back to America. Jon occasionally butted heads with the Chinese government as he stridently advocated for the release of American citizens wrongfully imprisoned.”

To all 1849 of our Middle Class Fights Back Members we thank you for helping our mission by submitting your articles, opinions, blogs and we look forward to a better 2012 for the Middle Class.

Thank You.

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