Miami Needs Transparency and Fairness

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Miami needs transparency and fairness in City dealings. There is a pervasive belief on the part of many residents and business owners I have met in my campaign that corruption is rampant in the City of Miami. It is essential that the City act honestly, openly, and fairly in its business dealings. We cannot have selective enforcement of the law, or unfair allocation of bond funds and other City resources, or favoritism in the awarding of contracts.

With careful planning and long-term vision, not short-term cash flow solutions, we can begin to solve the city’s financial instability without selling our quality of life.

I can provide these basic values for the City of Miami – Vote #35 on November 1

We are less than 3 weeks away from election day and less than 2 weeks from early voting. We need your help by coming in to our campaign headquarters and volunteering with us. Let’s show our strength in numbers. Don’t have the time? Help us financially. Contribute online or send your check to “Michelle Niemeyer for Miami” P.O. Box 33-0334 Miami, FL 33233 by October 27th at midnight.

Miami – this is OUR city and it is time to take it back!

Call us 305 520 5755 or email with any questions.


Michelle Niemeyer
Candidate for Miami City Commissioner, District 2

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